Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student who is only concerned with getting a degree - this school has so much more to offer by way of internships, ministry opportunities, clubs, volunteer activities and intramural sports, someone who only wants to "get in and get out" would feel out of place.


Who wouldn't want want to go to a college that teaches a students all they need to know to best serve people and care for our world; that values, accepts, and loves it's students; and has professors who teach, are willing to listen, and give true answers to student's biggest questions? Only a fool does not wish to be loved, accepted, and understand their true purpose and real value in this very short life. Sound to "good" to be true? Jesus is greater than that "good." At Bryan College Jesus is your awesome friend and God!


People who love highly populated, impersonal, self-focusing, ugly campuses should not attend this college. If you are not into community, loving people, and serving your community, then don't come here.


El Camino College is quite diverse in terms of majors. It welcomes mechanics to nursing hopefuls. In terms of living, people who enjoy the dorm experience should not attend the school because it is a 2-year college with no dorms.


Someone who is looking for a big school where they can just blend in. If you aren't interested in living for Christ and interacting with other believers, you probably won't like Bryan.


Someone who does not want to learn and be prepared for life after college.


If one is unconcerned about their future and has little to no motivation, Bryan College is not the school for them. Bryan College's goal is to help it's students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and prepare them to go out into the world of business, music, sports, and every other area to help spread the truth. If this is not a value in one's life, then a state school would be a better option.


The persond who shouldn't attend this school wouldn't be able to follow the rules. They would be anti-social and mean-spirited. They would drink alchohol consistently and take drugs, as well. They would not want to invest in anything, not their academics, the people around them, or the school.


Liberalist that is disturbed by rules. Or those not looking for a serious education.