Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how small it was.


Nothing really. I pretty much knew everything I needed to know. The dress code was a little more strict than I expected though. I've never gotten into trouble about it, however. There are a lot of people who are just there on athletic sholarships who really don't care anything about a relationship with God. I sort of wished I had known that. I mean, I guess I expected that because that's going to be anywhere. Christians and non-Christains are going to be out there no matter where you go to school.


I wish I knew how awesome the soccer program is here at Bryan College so I would have gotten involved immediately. I also wish I had known how awesome the History Department is here at Bryan College. I wish I had known that the cafeteria closes at 7 every night, so that I could have found alterior places to eat after 7.


I wish that I had better study habits. I wish that I had talked to more Seniors about how to study for certain professors.


Two words. Grading Scale. Through my first semester I considered college 13th grade. When my final grades came, I discovered several unpleasent suprises. Thankfully the grades were not completely awful, but it was someting I wish I had been told, or been more careful about. Next semester I have resolved to new, better goals in order resolve last semester's grades.


I knew very little about this college before I attended it. However, having already completed a year there, it was perfectly fine not knowing more information about this school. The students are fun, the professors are down to earth, and the college is like home. Maybe I would have like to know how much I would love it, so that I wouldn't have worried about what college to attend for most of my high school days.


I wish I would have thought more about the rules of the school and how it would effect my lifestyle during my college stay. We have rules that deal with curfews, chapel attendances, church attendances, opposite sex interactions, and a few minor dress code issues. These rules were hard to accept at first because I thought I should have more freedom. But in the end I see that those few rules were best for me, and it really is not that bad in the end.


I wish I had known more about the surrounding community of Dayton.


Hmmmm, let's see, there isn't a whole lot that I wish that I had known before coming to school here at Bryan. Hahaha, maybe to just know that balancing your social life and academic life are a key component to doing well your freshmen year.


I wish that I had realized how important it was to get to know people over studying. Studying is great, but people are more important and are worth way more then a couple numbers (GPA) on your diploma.


Nothing, I was pretty well informed...