Bryant & Stratton College-Eastlake Top Questions

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It is a very small campus, and at most 30 students in a classroom. The parking is limited, and so are computers in the library. Teachers get to know you and you are not just a number in the class which is a good thing.


I like the location, the academics is great. The night classes are wonderful because the teachers is willing to work with you and understand every need that you have due to the work that is given. The school is great and people can acutally learn.


The school I attend is different compared to other schools because it's a smaller school. Unlike big universities with classroom sizes up to 100 plus students, my school has a maximum of only 30 students per classroom, which helps the students because we get to know the professor personally and can recieve more attention compared to the larger universities. My school also provides two-year degree programs were you can recieve your degree in a shorter amount of time rather than a four-year degree program.


I like that Bryant & Stratton is only 1 buliding, so you don't have to drive around to different buildings for different classes; unlike community colleges.