Bryant & Stratton College-Eastlake Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would begin applying for colleges that year, and searching for the perfect university for me. I would tell myself to look into specific programs that interest me, and not to look at for-profit colleges since they can end up being a bigger burden than not going to college.


Always stick to your goals and head off to college as soon as graduation. Never make the effort to stuggle later on no matter what trials I am going through.


Dear Ariel, You are now a high school senior and will soon be attending college. Attending college is a huge step towards life and so i would like to advise you on some things about college you should know. First off, when applying for college please look into every detail about the school before you make the decision to attend, this way you won't be miserable while your there. Secondly, be sure to check out every scholarship and grant that there is out there. There is so much money out there that you can recieve for schooling that you just don't know about, and this can definately help you out in the long run so you won't need as many loans. Also, pay attention to deadlines, this could be a huge oppourtunity loss if you miss out. Never go beyond your means, know what you are capable of doing and go for it. Anything is possible as long as you stay prepared and focus on what you want for you and not everyone else. Sincerely, Ariel J. Stroud


If I could go back in time and tell myself what I know now that would make me so happy because then I wouldn't of been so stressed about the finaical aid or finding schools that are right for me. I wish I could of told myself not to wait to the middle of my senior year to even think about college. By not waiting to the last moment then you can look over things and compare and contrast your different opions. Your high school is there to ask these questions to because everyone has questions that they need answered when beganing a new chapter in their lives. I had know clue how to even attempt getting scholarships and the only way I found out was to ask. So all these high schoolers need to do is get their selfs together and ask some questions and don't ever wait till the last minute beause it just makes the process much longer. It all starts with wanting something more in your life and thats the next step in doing so.


I would have told myself to go to college after high school instead of waiting for about 5 years. because the economy is going to change for the worse. Also, to look at the colleges before just going to one. (I went to lakeland community college for 1 year and did not have a good experience) I would also say to make sure you are taking the classes you need to take to further your career.