Bryant & Stratton College-Virginia Beach Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would pay more attention in school and challenge myself more. I would put in the extra effort to do better in my classes. I would have asked for help for the classes I had trouble in. Seek out tutors to help, and talked to counselors about my options for college. Knowing what I know know the courses that were offered to me as a senior I would have taken them regardless of the fact that I didn't need them to graduate. Courses like typing, computer science, and a different launguage. I would have tried to get into all of these classes to better prepare myself for the future. If I had applied myself more in high school I would have been able to have the career of choice for my military career or at least more options. I would have pushed myself to do better because I am capable of acheiving success just like everyone else in our great country.


I would tell myself to take chances. I would tell myself to grasp the moments. I would tell myself to join clubs that i could join. Do so much more. Push my limits to the max. Tell myself that college would be the best option and and now i'm grasping the transition to living on my own to a full time college student. It's not easy but i'm trying my hardest to succeed way past my limits.