Bryant University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for having the AMICA center, which is a career service that helps find students internships and jobs; along with bringing employers to the school to meet students. Bryant University is also known for its' extensive curriculum.


My favorite tradition at Bryant is Festival of Lights. Held at the beginning of December, Festival of Lights is an all-day event. It starts in the morning when the Rotunda - the main room in our classroom building where everyone hangs out between classes - is transformed into a winter wonderland. Tables and chairs are replaced by arts and crafts stations (decorate ginger break, make your own ornaments, etc.), a place to take pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and more decorations and "snow" than you can imagine. Later that evening, hundreds of students, faculty and staff members reconvene in the Rotunda for the Festival of Lights ceremony, a moving demonstration of short speeches, dance, and prayer in honor of the many religions and faiths practiced at Bryant University. The ceremony culminates with everyone lighting the candles they were handed upon entering the room, and the lights from the hundreds of candles are reflected on the glass dome ceiling (a stunning display that leaves most first-time participants at a loss for words). Then, candles in hand, everyone walks out to the Christmas tree to watch the president light it for the first time. The Festival ends with hot chocolate, cider, and other goodies in the student center. Maybe it's because I'm such a Holiday person, but I really love volunteering for and participating in this event every year. It brings the whole campus together just before the most stressful time of the semester (finals) to have fun and give thanks for our many blessings and faiths.


We are a mostly a business school, but are now opening up the liberal arts section. It is harder for liberal arts majors to get a job at this time unfortunately. Business majors usually have no problem unless they aren't trying.


Parties are a big thing at Bryant.


Strong business program and job placement successes.


Preparing you for the business world


Business Education.


Business courses


good business school


business classes and parties