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As a senior looking back over my four years at Bryant, I have to say that - although the college experience has its ups and downs - I have been truly happy with my experience and education overall. I've made life-long friends, learned so many valuable lessons (both inside and outside the classroom), gotten involved in clubs/orgs/interests I would have imagined I would (before coming here), learned a new language, lived/worked/studied in several foreign countries, and so much more. It's difficult to sum up four years in just a few sentences, but I will say that Bryant has been a home to me, and it has provided the opportunities for me to do everything I just mentioned (and more). As is the nature of college - and life in general - it was up to me to reach out and embrace those opportunities. But as someone who was determined to make the most of my four-year undergraduate experience, no matter where I went, I feel truly blessed to have been at Bryant.


It's mostly a business school and everyone has to take business classes even if it's not their major. No one can live off campus unless they commute, but there are no apartments. There are small homes for seniors that are kind of like apartments.


Bryant is very career-oriented. The faculty and staff are very available and willing to help you out with anything you need. The small size of the campus population and the small-town area can make you a bit stir-crazy if you don't have a car but also help with studying because there are few distractions. It is especially known for its International Business, Actuarial and Honors Programs and can be stifling for Liberal Arts majors. In general, I like the school and the faculty better than the majority of the students.


the focus on character and building a stuents character.


good career services center


you write entire business plans your freshman year, a lot of hands on experience


The faculty and administration really cares about the students. You're not just a number.


It has a strong business background.


Bryant offered many majors and minors that i was interested in. They specialize in the fields that i am interested in and have their great reputation behind it! Bryant's campus is beautiful and just the right size for both land and population.


It's small and very technologically advanced. The Amica Center is one of the best in the country for career placement.


I was surprised that there is a lot of school spirit around campus because a lot of people wear college logo gear/material. I also think that it's much friendlier than other places and people hold open doors and say thank you -usually. There is also a sense of belonging or sense of loneliness depending on how well you get along with other people. Our campus is also aesthetically pleasing and I think we keep doing better.


I think our school focuses more on a cultural aspect of the school and the students. It also tries to stress the point that if you play a sport it as important to focus on your sport as well as your academics. And it is very big into community, in athletics, culture, race, and religion.


There are small classes and I know so many people becasue it is on the small side.