Bryant University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms at Bryant are best described by breaking them up by class. Freshmen live either in dorm rooms or suites (composed of 4 dorm rooms, a common room and a bathroom) in Halls 14 & 15 (dorms) or Hall 16 (suites). All of these halls have a common area where students can socialize, play games, watch TV, etc., a laundry room, and a small kitchen. These halls are some of the older ones on campus, but are still fairly nice and are well maintained by facilities. Sophomores and Juniors live in what is referred to as the "Village," a number of halls that are all suite-style living (composed of 3 dorm rooms, a common room, and a bathroom). They were all built around the same time as Halls 14, 15 and 16. Except for Hall 17, which is commonly referred to among students as the "hotel" hall, because it is that much nicer than the rest of them (suites control their own heating and A/C, toilets flush automatically, there is an elevator in the hall, etc). Since housing is picked by a combination of lotto numbers and # of credits, it's usually the students who are ahead in credits or get very lucky that live in 17. Most seniors live in townhouses, which are basically exactly what they sound like. The townhouses are a little bit further walk from all the main campus buildings (about 10-15 minutes as opposed to 5-10 from the other halls), but most would say the walk is worth it. For one thing, you have a much higher chance of getting a single room in a townhouse. Also, seniors are exempted from the meal-plan requirement, and most are happy to save money by making full use of their kitchens. Finally, the sense of community is even stronger in the townhouses, and seniors regularly have friends over for "family dinners" or to play games, watch movies, or party on the weekends.

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