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Tell us about the food and dining options.


I'm just going to post the same answer here that I put for "what students complain about most," because it covers this question as well... For our size, Bryant actually has a good variety of dining options. Salmanson is our cafeteria, and all students get a certain amount of "dining dollars" that they can spend in one of two cafes or the restaurant in our student center (South) each semester. Additionally, Bulldog Bucks can be added to your ID - which work just like regular money - to be used at Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, and the Scoop (an ice cream place/general food store). That being said, one of students biggest complaints is the poor quality of food on campus. This mostly applies to Salmanson, which despite recent upgrades, still fails to offer the top quality that can be found at other schools. It's difficult to articulate what it is about it that's not that great though. There's a pretty good variety and meals are changed up regularly. But something about the food just makes you feel kind of gross if you eat it on a regular basis (and as students are required to have a meal plan until senior year, you end up eating it a lot). Or maybe it's the fact that meal plans are so blatantly overpriced (I just did the math and price-per-meal ranges from $20.24 for a 7 meal/week plan to $9.09 for a 19 meal/week plan). That's completely outrageous, seeing as no one wants to eat in Salmo 19 times a week, and even at that rate, we end up paying more than the cost to just pay in cash to eat in the cafeteria. I know that over-charging for meal plans is a common practice at universities, but we could be eating 4-star meals at 7 meal-plan rate! My advice to the university: at least make the meal plans optional so students can avoid digging themselves even deeper into debt while pursuing an education in these tough economic times.

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