Bryant University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Bryant University focuses on preparing its students for the career world. With that being said, Bryant’s lectures are limited, and instead the University encourages smaller, hands on classes. The majority of classes contain a “group project” which by my sophomore year, I am already sick of that phrase. However, it truly does prepare you for the real world, because lets face it, you do not work alone in a job. There will always be other people that your work and decisions affect. Group projects also teach students to work well with others, and help place less importance on tests. While acing a test is highly important in college, Bryant also exemplifies how important the ability to accomplish tasks as a group is as well. During my time here I have taken one lecture class, Biology, and even that class was very involved. The professor was sure to include students in the conversation and always brought items to class to for students to better grasp concepts. I strongly agree with the way that Bryant organizes their classes. They not only keep me engaged in the course content, but have greatly helped me gain experience to discuss during interviews. This semester my prominent group project is for my Global Marketing class. We have been given the opportunity to voice our opinions to TJX companies on how to better their pet supplies line. It has been a learning experience and has taught me a great deal about my concentration.

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