Bryant University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Most people would say that the stereotypical Bryant student is upper-middle-class, white, preppy, and from the New England area. While this may be the majority, Bryant has made a strong effort to become more diverse in recent years. International and multicultural students now make up a combined (approximately) 20% percent of the student body, and these numbers increase with every incoming class. In fact, part of the University’s 10-year strategic plan is to double the number of international and multicultural students to 20% each by 2020. More students are coming from non-New England states as well, as Bryant becomes better known throughout the U.S. Personally, I think the most noticeable similarity between most Bryant students is that most of us are strongly career-focused. The University is made up of a College of Liberal Arts and a College of Business, but even the liberal arts students at Bryant were typically drawn here because of the school requirement that all liberal arts majors have to minor in some area of business (and vice-versa). Students are attracted by Bryant's 98% job placement rate and we are not disappointed. From group projects/presentations and case analysis to resume-building workshops and career fairs, Bryant students are prepped for the job (and/or grad school) search from day one.

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