Bryant University Top Questions

What's the Greek scene like?


Bryant has 8 or 10 frats & sororities total, and around 11% of the student body is active in Greek Life. Although only a small percentage of students participate, Greek Life has a very visible presence on campus. Members wear their fraternity/sorority attire proudly and often, and Greek Life hosts a number of events on campus, mostly with the aim of either recruitment or community service. As is true at most schools, the Greeks are known to throw a raging party or two, but they are also very involved in all aspects of campus life, which helps to offset the general stereotypes most people have about Greek life. Also, Bryant does not have Greek-designated housing. Members of the same fraternity or sorority may choose to live in the same suite (during sophomore and junior year) or townhouse (senior year), but since only 5-7 people live in a typical suite/house, Greeks end up living next door to non-Greeks, and most frats and sororities are spread out over several halls and houses. In my opinion, this rule is beneficial to Greek life on campus because it ensures that they have to mingle with other students and can't be completely sectioned off into their own groups/cliques.

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