Bryant University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


For its small size, Bryant offers plenty of places to study. The most popular choices are the library - which has a number of study rooms, a designated quiet area, and plenty of sofas and tables to do work at - and classrooms when there aren't classes going on in them. There are also study rooms on every floor of the freshman halls and Hall 17 (the nicest hall on campus, which houses sophomores and juniors), and a number of little nooks with sofas or tables & chairs all around campus. Personally, I used the study lounge in my freshman hall a lot and since then I've mostly stuck to doing work in my room (I've been blessed with relatively quiet suite-mates). However, I know a lot of other seniors who still go to the library/classrooms/etc. when they need to get a lot of work done.

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