Bryant University Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


The professors here are one of the best aspects of Bryant. With small class sizes, professors have a chance to know each and every student, and establish relationships with the majority of them. From personal experience, the relationships I have established with my professors has created endless opportunities. In the past year, I have had two internships, BOTH which came from past professor's recommendations. I did not even have to submit an application or resume, my professor literally had enough good things to say about me that companies were confident in my ability to perform tasks successfully. In addition to networking advantages, the professors at Bryant take the time to ensure success among all students. They are all willing to go the extra mile to make sure each student can comprehend topics. Many professors supply their Skype username in addition to their cellphone number to emphasize their dedication to the students.


I've said this in a number of my other responses already, but I will repeat it here: professors at Bryant are incredibly dedicated and accessible to their students. Classes typically range from 20-35 students, so the amount of personal attention in class already far exceeds that at other schools. But Bryant professors go way above and beyond that. Every professor is required to hold open office hours for several hours a week, during which students can come talk to them about homework questions, exams, or anything else. Additionally, most professors will make time outside of their office hours if they don't work with a student's schedule. I even know of some professors that have regular breakfast or lunch meetings with students to get to know them better, and help them with anything they might have questions with. Bryant professors are also very involved in other aspects of campus life. They advise organizations, present at meetings (for example, a number of professors lead sessions in the campus Leadership Development programs), spearhead initiatives (such as the diversity initiative and women's resource collaborative), organize speakers and events, provide career advise and recommendations to students, and much more. The incredible faculty at Bryant are one of the top things I - and many other students - love about this school.