Bryant University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is not enough focus on the arts such as theater, music, etc. The only real focus is business, which makes for a less diverse group on campus. I am invloved in the theater group, and there is very little involvement for a school of this size. Also, the lack of funding for basic theater needs is astounding.




Some professors truly do not know what they are doing and it does not help the student learn more.


The worth thing about Bryant University is that it is very similar to highschool. Since there are only about 3500 students that attend, over a few years you get familiar with everyone who goes there. Everyone knows information about eachother personal life and it is hard to fix a reputation that you might have been given.


Administration does not help you much. You need to be persistant to get the answers you need.


testing in the kofler computer lab disables me from doing homework all the time


The people are very petty and clique-y


A lot of snobby rich kids. It annoys me how little they understand what real life is like.


parking is a nightmare and the rooms are a bit small and cold sometimes


As a private school, I expected better professors that actually knew how to teach. There is a lot of drinking on-campus because there is practically nothing else to do -especially if you don't have a car.