Bryant University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is into business and wants to receive a well rounded education with many of the best resources available to them.


The type of person that should attend Bryant University is someone who is friendly and isn't afraid to try new things. Also someone who can think out the box and is going to add different ideas in various situations. There are many group projects in which you compete with other groups in other sections of this class.


People who do well in group projects and who like working with other people. This school forces you to challange yourself - but also provides the access to faculty and staff to help you through the challanges. It's very common for professors to provide their home, cell, and office numbers in case you need help with anything.


Peopw who arent afriad to try new things and meet new people.


someone driven to be successful


Focused, Business mostly, it is a university but the depth and offering of classes are mostly business. Social people


I an academically driven individual, who can balance school and their social lives. They must also have an interest in business and be very friendly and outgoing.


Someone looking for a close community


anyone who wants a business career but isnt sure about specifics and someone with good time management skills because its easy to get caught up in everything else on campus