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Recent Reviews

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Overall, I think Bryn Mawr is a great place for women t o go to school. It can feel a bit small at times (like when everyone ...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

Overall, I think Bryn Mawr is a great place for women t o go to school. It can feel a bit small at times (like when everyone you pass knows your name), but in the same token that smallness can be comforting. When people are told what college I go to, you can see a clear generational gap in the responses: the younger crowd either has no idea where and what Bryn Mawr is or thinks it is a "lesbian school", where as the older crowd is impressed by the clout the name holds.

Describe the students at your school.

I feel like Bryn Mawr really represents an interesting mix of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. That's one of the reasons I was attracted tot his school. The student body really runs the spectrum from those girls who would have been in sororities to those who chose to wear capes daily.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

We're a rather liberal campus, but we are fairly accepting of people from all different points of view. As for the lesbian comment, I feel as though our campus does not have any more lesbians than any other college campus. It's just that at Bryn Mawr people feel more comfortable expressing their sexuality openly.

What are the academics like at your school?

All of the professors in my major know me by name. I think that's a significant advantage to going to a school of this size.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The four main traditions at Bryn Mawr (Parade Night, Lantern Night, Hell Week, and May Day) are one of my favorite aspects of the school. I feel like these are times in which the whole campus comes together to celebrate the special bond of going to this small, women's college. I think they can be extremely unifying and very fun.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

That we are all liberal lesbians.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

I think Bryn Mawr is an incredibly unique experience. We're given power, independence, and respect in a way that I can't imag...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

I think Bryn Mawr is an incredibly unique experience. We're given power, independence, and respect in a way that I can't imagine getting at other colleges, but at the same time, there's tremendous pressure, both on an academic and social front. You're expected to do your best and work your hardest, which is both empowering and a little exhausting at times. Bryn Mawr has an incredibly beautiful campus and committed community members who all really want to be a part of things; we're also one of the most academically intense schools in the country. I think Bryn Mawr has name recognition in academic circles, but I genuinely wish that we got a little more credit for putting in as much effort as we do. The friends you make here are the best you'll have in your life - I finally understand what everyone meant about keeping their college friends. I'm part of a family and part of a community in a way that I think would be impossible at a larger, less community-based school.

Describe the students at your school.

We're all over the board, and everyone is accepting of everyone else. The best thing I can say about Bryn Mawr is that we attract every type of person from every type of background. Admittedly, the type of school we are means that a lot of people here come from relatively affluent backgrounds and you won't find people who are just at college to pass four years of their lives, but you can find almost anyone here. We mix and match, and everyone respects everyone else. It's a great environment.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

I think the fact that we're all driven and committed to learning is incredibly true; the idea that we all hate men really isn't. That's not what a women's college is about!

What are the academics like at your school?

Bryn Mawr is one of the most unique academic environments I've ever encountered. To be fair, it's not for the faint of heart; this is not a college you attend if you're interested in partying every single night and not doing the reading. You put in the work and your professors acknowledge you for it. I think the level of intensity really varies, but I walked in to the bio department passionate about being involved, and I got a response. Every professor I had first semester freshman year, even in large seminar classes, knew my name and at least a little about my personality. It's hard work, it's intense, and there's an incredible amount of pressure, but the sheer amount of faith professors place in their students is astounding. Partially because of the Honor Code and partially because of a system of mutual respect, we're expected to meet our full potential. If you don't do the reading, no one is going to chastise you for it, but if you do, it will open doors that you can barely imagine. Professors routinely walk out while students are taking tests, we're allowed to schedule our own exams, and I was offered research positions off the bat freshman year with a professor I'd never met because my lab instructor noticed how hard I'd been working and how important the department was to me. You do have to put yourself out there, raise your hand, and participate, but the rewards and completely worth it. Some classes are better than others, and yes, I've had a few I really disliked, but overall, professors are committed to being a part of students' lives and educations, and the academics here are like nowhere else.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

We have great clubs and a thriving student government, plus a close knit community, but I have to be honest and say that if you're into heavy partying, Bryn Mawr is really not the place for you. It's possible to go off campus and party, either at Haverford or Swat, but if you want to stay in and head someplace, it's possible to do it something like three nights a year. I think the social life here is a really mixed bag; I wish someone had been honest with me when I was applying about how truly challenging the all women's aspect of life here is. It's hard to meet men, either to date or in a friendship setting, and although many girls here do have boyfriends or male friends, it's just not something that it's really possible to find without going off campus. There are times when it gets a little suffocating, and I think it's important to branch out and take classes at Haverford or Swat; the mixed-gender experience is an important part of college, and while the women's college thing is fantastic in terms of academics, support, and community, it can be a little hard socially.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

I think there's a stereotype here of work hard, play hard, and the idea that we're all incredibly driven women. There's also this (relatively unfounded) stereotype that women at Bryn Mawr are here because they dislike men; totally untrue!


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