Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bryn Mawr College is a wonderful undergraduate college that is centered around its tight-knit community of women. Bryn Mawr is a place that allows for women to grow and gain knowledge for the rest of their lives.


A small liberal arts college for smart, strong, and curious women.


Maybe fairy tale like. Honestly, it looks more appealing(gothic architecture) than it actually is haha, even though the reality is still satisfying.


Wonderful: Bryn Mawr stimulates you- intellectually, culturally, and socially- You can find a niche and discover new passions; You'll always have professors to have coffee with and disuss the Japanese recession of the 1980's or find friends to go to first friday with. You will be challenged and your boundaries will be pushed. But you will learn so much and grow and discover and love every minute in the Quaker consortium.


A somewhat artsy, small, liberal, somewhat insane, probably too studious, very focused on traditions, all women's school with a lot to offer academically.


It has a tight community feel, is academically focused, and students have fun!


The school store has got you covered.


The Campus Center does double duty, being a great place to watch a game, too.


Who needs the gym when you have 144 steps at your disposal?


While all of Bryn Mawr is scenic and beautiful, Taft Garden holds a special charm.


Carpenter Beach is a lovely place to relax and catch some rays...when the sun's out.


Merion Ave. is an ideal location to park your car, especially if you don't have a parking permit.


Marianna, our tour guide for the Best of Bryn Mawr, begins with the best job on campus - hall adviser.


a strong liberal and open environment with the drawbacks of a politically correct environment and professors in the mindset of ivy league researchers without the reputation of them


We give offerings to Athena- we're not your average bunch and we're better, faster, stronger academically than most colleges. We are a strong community devoted to empowering women through education. We also have the best and some of the oldest traditions in the country, including the oldest (still active) student government.


Bryn Mawr is friendly, challenging community where college traditions are important.


beautiful and community oriented


A panoramic view of Thomas Great Hall during the returns party.


You will do well here if you are academically motivated and if you do not care about religion.


Bryn Mawr College is a small, private women's liberal arts college that promotes the advancement of women in academia. Girls travel the globe to become a Bryn Mawr Woman.


pretty, quiet, make a lot of good friends but can be hard


The best place on earth!


Katie Dahl, our tour guide, introduces herself.


Near the entrance of the Bryn Mawr campus, the admissions building.


Katie takes us inside the common room, where students congregate to watch TV, play piano, have parties and just hang out


Katie takes us inside the computer lab.


Katie talks about meeting Luke Wilson on campus when he was filming Tenure. Also shot of campus center.


Katie Dahl takes us to the small book store on campus.


Katie talks about the biggest library on campus and the Lusty Cup, one of the two cafes on campus.


Dean’s offices, administrative offices and classrooms are located here. The bell tower rings every hour on the hour.


Katie talks about Thomas Great Hall, where a lot of plays, dances and lectures are held.