Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Bryn Mawr is best known for the amazing women that graduate from the college. The student body creates a unique environment for growing, both academically and as a person, that is both challenging and supporting. As a women's college, the atmosphere allows the students to become more confident and assertive. Although it is a small college, people who have heard of it have heard good things. In the Philadelphia area especially, many organizations prefer Bryn Mawr students for jobs or internships.


My favorite tradition is definitely Lantern Night. All of the freshmen are welcomed to the school on a Sunday night in October. Everyone wears long black robes and the lanterns are passed out to the freshmen in their class color while upperclassmen sing in Greek. It's really beautiful.


Hell week. You never know how great it is until you are a mawrter~


Hell week. You never know how great it is until you are a mawrter~


Bryn Mawr is best known as one of the Seven Sister schools, which were created as an all-women's counterpart to the Ivy League schools in the late 1800's. Since its beginning, Bryn Mawr has educated talented, strong, successful women, such as Drew Faust and Katherine Hepburn. While Bryn Mawr is not known for professional education, it has been known to produce students who have the ability to think for themselves, who are exellnt writers and communicators, skills that allow for successf in any field they choose.


We are known for our academics, as well as preparing women to compete in their future careers. Our honor code puts students in charge of deciding their own values and preserving our integrity both academically and socially. Srudents compete academically with themselves rather then their classmates, and have a wide range of interests.


Being an all women's college and cultish. :(


Nicky talks about her favorite tradition, May Day.


Shannon describes the first tradition of every year, Parade Night.


Paige explains the premise of the Bryn Mawr tradition of Hell Week.


It is best known for being really liberal.


Academics and the fact that it is an all-womens college