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Describe a typical weekend.

Friday nights are more active in the Bi-Co (Haverford and Bryn Mawr,) so I usually finish up homework after my writing class and have dinner out with my friends. We'll go to a punk show or party at Haverford and come home to hang out afterward. I usually spend Saturday in Philly, going to a museum or walking around. I see classical music concerts with my friend, attend comedy/improv shows and do a lot of window-shopping. Saturday nights tend to be less active on campus - sometimes there's a movie screening or a dry party with tie-dyeing. Last weekend there was a roller rink and a DJ, cute/kitschy fun.

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Shopping at King of Prussia/Premium outlet(personally, I am too lazy to go there)/Ardmore suburban square for food,etc/ work in the dining hall(Peut-être)/ watching movies/ go to usual. For Sunday, try to finish homework that are due the following week:)

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