Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We are all friends that live in castles! The community is open, welcoming, and loving, without any caddiness or competition. Most of the dorms look like actual castles, and the campus overall looks like Hogwarts! Seriously. We have our own Great Hall!


I tell them that I made great friends and had a great learning experience.


Bryn Mawr is small. We have the most fabulous traditions. The diversity of the students. The architecture and dining hall food. The communication between profs. and students. I was a religious and political minority, but I never felt discriminated against.


Traditions. There are no sororities at Bryn Mawr, but we have a strong community based on our school traditions. The uperclassmen look out for their freshmen, and we stick together. Also, the great education you receive going to a seven sisters school.


beautiful campus. great academics. good food.


The academic intensity.


First is the rigorous academics, excellent reputation and constructive partnership with Haverford, Swarthmore and Penn. Second is the remarkably beautiful architecture and landscaping. Third is the food!


There are so many things to brag about: small class sizes, independent majors, beautiful dorms and campus, traditions, a strong sense of community...the one thing I valued the most while I was a student was the strong sense of pride and accomplishment shared among the women there.


The campus is gorgeous! I had my own room all 4 years complete with a fireplace. Our alumna include Katharine Hepburn and the first female president of Harvard University, Drew Gilpin Faust.


It was a very open place where I felt completely comfortable and at home in an amazing community of brilliant women.


The prestige of going to a seven sisters college