Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Competitive yet gentle~honor code does somehow restrict the competition of grades among students, yet the student group is still very competitive in whatever field. I know couple upperclass women who are really capable of doing whatever they put hands on.


Everybody is a lesbian, or a hairy militant feminist


A major stereotype is that being an all-women college, you'll only have female friends and you have to be downright weird. and different.


That it's very serious, very studious. That the students diverge from the ordinary or are outright bizarre.


we're all hyper-liberal lesbians, or we're avid about our distaste for men.


Number 1: All Bryn Mawr students are lesbians Number 2: We read A LOT!


A variety of stereotypes exist within and outside of the student body. 1. Bryn Mawr students are all women. 2. If you're straight you won't be for long at Bryn Mawr. 3. All Bryn Mawr students are rich & snobby. 4. Bryn Mawr students can't talk to men. 5. Bryn Mawr women are easy and deprived of sexual attention/activity and will throw themselves at any male on campus. 6. Bryn Mawr students are smart (not usually a bad stereotype...)


Everything from the most beautiful, smart, classy women to frisky lesbians and strange nerds.


The BMC stereotypes are on both ends of the spectrum. A lot of people see us as insane, cultanic lesbos who run around in capes. Or there's the girl who lives in her room/the library and never ever ever takes her nose out of a book. And finally, there's the way some Haver-girls (girls at neighboring Haverford) see us. Bear in mind that we heterosexual females at both institution are competing for the same, limited pool of testosterone. Haver-girls see us as intrusive whores, trespassing on their campus and stealing their men, which really is not the case, especially considering the historic connection between BMC and HC. They can get really territorial


1) Bryn Mawr women are catty. 2)Bryn Mawr women are sluts.


Interestingly, they tend to contradict each other! There's that we're all boring intellectuals, but also that we're all flakes; there's that we're all man-hating lesbians, but also that we're all sluts.


Ultra-liberal dikes


The two biggest stereotypes, in my opinion, are: (A) That all Mawters are "experimental," meaning lesbian, bi, transexual or something else and (B) That all Mawters study too much for their own good.


Some stereotypes about Bryn Mawr students are that we are all lesbians and/or militant feminists because of the fact that Bryn Mawr is an all women's college.


I've heard it all: Bryn Mawr women are militant lesbians, bra-burning feminists, anti-male activists, bookish introverts. On the plus side, I've been told that I'm hot for going to a women's college, or that Bryn Mawr women are sexy because they're independent and motivated.


Desperate, overworked, boring, no social life, diverse,


The vast majority of the students are lesbians, the school is a high-stress pressure cooker/is all work and no play.


Socially awkward. Man-starved or a lesbian.


Stereotypes? My high school guidance counselor advised that I not go to Bryn Mawr because no one shaves their legs here. There are also stereotypes about Bryn Mawr students being boy-crazy and lesbians.


That everyone is butch, everyone is a lesbian, there are no boys anywhere, Bryn Mawr is sheltered and too small.


Intense, when it comes to academics; hardcore when it comes to partying (generally); active in many areas and pretty liberal. Oh-and lesbians.


Some stereotypes about Bryn Mawr is that all students are radical feminists/liberals or homosexual.


Some stereotypes about bryn mawr students is that they're all lesbians- they're not. Another, similarly contradictory stereotype is that because it's a women's college they're all easy and desperate for male attention- possibly. People think that when you go to a women's college like bryn mawr that you'll never see a man ever.


About the school: that it is academically prestigious and assigns a lot of work. About the students: that all the students study a lot and aim to get Ph.Ds after graduation. That they care more about studying and getting their education than about partying.


One stereotype is that everyone at Bryn Mawr is a lesbian. Another stereotype is that everyone is way too intellectual and that they never talk about anything but school. A third one would be that no one at Bryn Mawr goes to parties--we just study all the time.


Hard-working, intense, smart, over-extended.


That Bryn Mawrters never go out and have fun, that they work too hard and that we are all a bunch of lesbians.


Liberal, smart, dedicated, feminist,


That everyone is a lesbian


Bryn Mawr students as stereotyped as generally weird, cultish, lesbian, socially awkward, wiccan, etc.


That we are all lesbians, or scary man-hating feminists, or promiscuous.


Bryn Mawr is often thought of as a "lesbian" school. I've also heard that only "weird" women attend the institution.


That all Bryn Mawr students must be lesbians or bisexual since they decided to go to a single sex college. Bryn Mawr classes are easier than at other colleges since they are designed around how women think and work.


Often times we are percieved as very serious people who never have fun.


Bryn Mawr is a quiet campus and, relatively speaking, has "no" parties.


It depends on who you talk to, because stereotypes about us run the gamut from large, mannish rugby players to spoiled, overly studious girls who never leave their castle-like dorms . Bryn Mawr is also known as being the most intellectual of the former Seven Sisters. Where I am from, however, most people have not heard of Bryn Mawr. Those who have, however, never fail to be impressed.


We're all gay/lesbian. We hate men.


A lot of people think that Bryn Mawr women are feminists, lesbians, or just downright crazy.


One stereotype is that we are all lesbians, but we are not.


A lot of people think that Bryn Mawr is full of rich, snobby heiresses, very preppy-type socialites, hoity-toity kind of girls. And lesbians. There's also a strong PC stereotype.


Many people believe that: we are all lesbians. we are all crazy feminists. we are incapable of having fun. we are all left wing socialist democrats who want the USSR back in power.


That nobody shaves and everyone turns lesbian by graduation. Also that we're all really weird. Oh yeah, and that we're all major feminists.


One of the biggest stereotypes about Bryn Mawr students is that we're all lesbians. Another stereotype is that we're all rich and preppy.


That we're all bitches, lesbians, prudes. That we never stop studying and have weird traditions and quirks. That we're too politically correct and mouthy.


-Lesbians or sexually promiscuous (or both) -Weird, and wear capes -feminist -coming to steal haverford men -both dumber than Haverford, or brainy


That they are very weird and study all the time


We're all LUGs (lesbians before graduation) and are more dykie than co-eds. We argue a point into absurdity and don't know when to admit defeat.


That we are bookish man-hating women. Who are driven to the point of being anti-social.


There are all sorts of stereotypes about Bryn Mawr women. Most of them are true, but only to a certain extent. Yes, there are a lot of lesbians, but no, they aren't the majority (to my knowledge), and no, they won't try to "recruit" straight girls or hit on anyone they know you're straight. Every lesbian on campus I have come in contact with has been very friendly (as is the rest of the Bryn Mawr population), and willing to explain anything you might be confused about. For me, it was transgender issues. There are a few transgendered people on campus, and I didn't want to offend anyone by saying the wrong thing or using the wrong pronoun. It was all explained to me, and no one made me feel stupid for asking. Another stereotype is that we're all crazy, cape-wearing, anime-watching, Harry-Potter-obsessed wackos. While there are those girls on campus, they are a small percentage, and they're all very nice. Yet another stereotype is that the women here are either butch or earthy or grungy, and not at all interested in keeping themselves in fashion or make-up'ed. This is also not true. I am one of the girliest of girly girls, and I have found that many other students here are as well.


The main stereotype about Bryn Mawr is that it is a lesbian school since it is a women's college.