Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Bryn Mawr College?


A woman who wants to discover more about herself. Who wants to push herself not only academically, but in all aspects. To be stretched in her worldview, her understanding of the world around her, and her perspective on life! Someone who wants to experience change, and is not afraid of a little adventure!


While Bryn Mawr is wonderful, it is not for everyone. If you desire a school with strong athletics, large classrooms, frequent parties and greek life, this is certainly not a school for you. At Bryn Mawr, there is a strong sense of community and working together to achieve a common goal, so if you prefer a cut-throat, competitive atmosphere, you will not be satisfied. Finally, Bryn Mawr has a strong honor code, which students respect, and there is great trust between students and faculty. A person who cheats and disrespects others will not fit in here.


People who are conservative or don't like to be around people who are not like them. Everyone at Bryn Mawr is different.


An ultra-conservative person would have a very, very difficult time at this school.


Anyone who wants to party everyday


No men, obviously. If you want to work more than part time, Bryn Mawr isn't for you, or if school isn't your number one priority.




conservatives, sorority women, people who don't do homework, those who can't bullshit some of the time (but not all of the time!), highly fashion concious individuals,


People who are conservative should not attend.


Anyone who is not prepared to work hard and enjoy it. The focus at Bryn Mawr is on academics. A lot of the social bonding occurs around coursework - in your classes, doing your work with your friends, planning things to do to take a break from your work. You've got to enjoy learning - not just to get a grade, but because you are motivated to learn new things and excited about it. If your schoolwork is just something you get done so you don't feel guilty drinking, Bryn Mawr is not for you.