Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is how small it is. It can limit your social life and friendships. The small aspect of the school is very valuable, however, because it allows for such a strong community and personal relationships with academic advisors and professors. The social implications of a small school still apply despite the advantages.


The lack of financial aide available.


To be honest, the social life. Yes, Bryn Mawr is right by Haverford and a bus ride from Swarthmore, but being at an all women's college is just not right for everyone. The parties here are non-existant and the parties at the other schools don't even come close to those at larger schools or universities. Besides, all the parties have a terrible female/ male ratio. Most people have to actively search out a social life if they want one. This can and will get frustrating after a while.


How little what you're doing matters to anyone else.


I felt that I was worthless because my beliefs did not matich those of my classmates.


Philadelphia was so close and there were always fun things to do in the city, but it was expensive to get there on regional rail.


too much work, not enough fun


The low caliber of the athletics department


The lack of parties that have good music instead of alcohol. THE LACK OF GOOD LOOKING MEN!