Bryn Mawr College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The challenging academic is one of the main reason for me to pick BMC. As a match school, I feel comfortable staying in Bryn Mawr. The convenient transportation, easy access to courses in Trico and the adorable campus are also important factors.


Bryn Mawr was the only all-women's college I applied to, so the single-sex education aspect wasn't a driving factor. I wanted somewhere that boasted quirky, funny and geeky students. I wanted an artistic student body with intellectual passion. The first time I visited Bryn Mawr, I knew in my heart it was where I wanted to be.


The academics are steller, the students are bright, thoughtful individuals, and the school has a wonderful community. Plus, Bryn Mawr's traditions set it apart from any of the other colleges I considered. Although I am transferring out of the school, I would still recommend it to anyone who believes that they will be happy in the quirky student body Bryn Mawr has to offer.


Allison, a sophomore, talks about why she came to Bryn Mawr- excellent academics, small classes, a small student to professor ratio, a strong sense of community and traditions.


A freshman at Bryn Mawr talks about why she chose the college, and something that she wishes they had known.


Katherine talks about why she came to Bryn Mawr and gives advice to freshmen.


Kimberly talks about why she came and one thing she wishes she could change


Alex talks about why she came to Bryn Mawr inside dining hall, as well as one thing she wishes she knew before she came


A student tells us why she chose to come here and about the Tri-Co