Bucknell University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bucknell is a beautiful school that is full of challenging courses, wonderful teachers, and very fun yet edifying people and activities.


Bucknell is a very esteemed college with a beautiful campus and lots of fan activities.


Bucknell University: Country Club for Nerds.


Just a glimpse of what you will see while you're at Bucknell


Bucknell is university containing driven individuals, both students a faculty strive to achieve the best both in the classroom, on the fields, in the dorms and everywhere else, it is a place where memories are created, friends are made, minds are expanded, and lives are drawn out and futures become bright.


Too amazing for words.


A guided tour of Bucknell University.


Bucknell is student oriented and is a beautiful, small university.


Love it.


Bucknell provides a quaint community, competitive academic environment, friendly atmosphere, and a very scenic campus.


The campus is gorgeous and there's not much to "downtown" Lewisburg, but I kind of like it that way; there's no reason to own a car, you can pretty much walk everywhere. I feel like I learn a lot in my classes, even though I'm on the bottom half of the class, but that's not a problem because Bucknell is a "nurturing" type school, not a "weeding" one. It is definitely a school I feel proud to attend.


Bucknell's main lawn. Lots of students pass through this on their way to class.


Bucknell promotes academic rigor with social growth.


The education, professors, and opportunities this school offers are excellent, however, the student body revolves largely around the sports and Greek Life.


Bucknell is a smaller school that allows you to get to know your peers and professors, but also to have the prestige and academic opportunities of a larger university.


A very work hard, play hard school