Bucknell University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


When students first arrive, they open the gates to the football field and all students walk through the gates, at which time they are officially a Bucknell student. The gates remain shut throughout the year, and the next time a student will walk through them is after graduation, to celebrate the students time and graduation from Bucknell.


Bucknell University is best known for great academics and amazing campus lifestyle. The university is small enough that you can walk everywhere you would need to, but large enough that you do not know everybody and you can have your own space. The campus sits on a hill with beautiful trees, leaving you feeling very at ease and comfortable in your surroundings.


Bucknell is best known for its engineering program, and partially as a result of that, its science and math. In relation to its science departments, it is known for giving students an excellent chance to get involved in the research being done by faculty. Undergrads are able to start even in their first semester if they like, enabling each student to explore the areas more thoroughly, gaining a further understanding of which specific areas they may like to pursue on their own, as well as giving them valuable lab experience.


Although it's located in a rather rural setting in central Pennsylvania, Bucknell contains a brilliant and driven student body, flocking from all parts of the world.. The University offers numerous activities and events for students, but a surprising amount are student run or created. It's the students that make the university rather then the university that makes the students.


Greek life, Engineering program


Bucknell is known for having students that are extremely involved on campus, with clubs, sports, and Greek life. The student life is also known for living by the "work hard, pay hard" montra. Students are very dedicated to their academics and have high hopes for their future, professional lives. Professors are amazing and alumni are eager to continue envolvement on campus, whether it be financial or meeting the student body.


I think my school may be best known for its cost. It is certainly in the top ten most expensive schools in the country. On a bit of a lighter note, sports fans will know us by our basketball team, which upset one of the top teams in the NCAA tournament several years ago.


Bucknell is probably best known for its potential for opportunity. Although change and diversity and "liberal" ideas are not exactly the most accepted, Bucknell does give students a chance to try and voice these concerns themselves. If they actually have the ability to present anything in a logical, practical, and reasonable way, then the school might actually consider the change, alteration or advancement that is suggested.


We are a top 30 school that is more selective than the other schools ranked near us, as the overall class size is smaller and the overall applicant pool is larger. That being said, we are pretty well known for our social scene, and was actually ranked by playboy as a top 5 party school in 2000. Get some.


It's overall "brand", I'd say, of very smart very driven young students. We're also incredibly good-looking, it's been said.


Hard academics, a damanding engineering school, frat and sorority life, lots of parties and alcohol, and our basketball team. The moto on campus is definately "work hard, play hard."