Bucknell University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


that everyone comes from an upper-middle class, upper-class (WHITE) family from somewhere in the north east, most likely jersey, connecticut, or the suburbs of new york. girls can afford to spend (their parents' money) on $200 shoes and earrings from tiffany and co. most guys played lacrosse in high school. a lot of people come from private high schools. everyone drinks too much and doesn't really care about learning.


The common stereotype for Bucknell students is that they're all geeky white middle plass preps who like to drink... a LOT. Bucknell is also known as the school of Beautiful People.


Bucknell students are rich, white, snobby, smart partyers who go Greek and typically come from New York, Pennsylvania, or California.


White Hard working Smart


One sterotype of Bucknell is that all the students are snobby rich kids from New York or New Jersey, who wear expensive clothes and drive expensive cars. There is a lack of diversity.


Everyone is preppy and/or stuck-up/


Until I came to Bucknell, I didn't realize that a stereotype even existed -- but the "pretty sorority girl" and "hot frat guy" stereotypes definitely apply. While it may not be completely true, it seems that everyone parties all of the time. Additionally, the money that many of the students come from is ridiculous, and you can tell that many of these kids have never worked a day in their lives.


rich, stuck up, alcoholics, white, lazy, not interested in learning


Preppy Not very diverse We live in a bubble


Dont know what other people think about us because we live in a bucknell bubble. Last time i read the news was 3 years ago... I dont know if we are still at war or not.


Bucknell is very frat oriented, lots of drinking and its really really white.


The students are rich and stuck up. A lot of Bucknell students come from affluent backgrounds, so there is the perception that a lot of them are here on their parents' dime and don't take their education seriously. Bucknell students also generally seem to be apathetic (or ignorant) about a lot of social and political issues.


People think that Bucknell is a preppy school populated by rich kids.


That they come from wealthy families, went to private schools, drive nice cars and mostly fit into a sorority girl/ frat boy stereotype. Also that most students very smart, and that the engineers work all the time.


Bucknell is known to be a gorgeous campus in a rural location with strong academic programs, especially engineering. Stereotypical Bucknell students are into themselves. They dress well and come from wealthy families. They know little about current events and care little about global issues. They're intelligent enough to get by partying and pulling all-nighters. They're driven to succeed and work hard to ensure future success.


The place isn't called the Bucknell "bubble" for nothing. Sure, there are some people who are aware of the outside world, but they're few among a sea of Ugg-wearing, Vera Bradley bag-toting sorority girls and backwards-baseball-cap-with-a-pencil-on-the-side, still-drunk-from-last frat boys. If you want a "stereotype," here's a good one: that all Bucknellians LOVE Bucknell. WRONG. Many of us are pretty smart, actually, but most are either too afraid to come out of our intellectually-enlightened closets or are too busy getting drunk 3 nights out of the week. Bucknellians, for the most part, are LOADED (house in the Hamptons, Westchester upstate-NY, etc). There's also, apparently, no diversity on the campus (and if there is, you hardly ever have a personal interaction with them unless you have class with them or REALLY seek them out). Oh, and that everyone joins a sorority or fraternity.


That we're rich. They say Bucknell is a preppy school filled with rich, white kids who dress the same, act the same, talk the same. I've also heard Bucknell students called "career-oriented" as opposed to "academically oriented." Bucknell is known as "the Bubble" sometimes because people really don't know what's going on in the world. Students are often called apathetic.


As stated by a Mifflinburg high school kid, we are the rich-kid school. We all drive BMW's that our parents bought us for our sixteenth birthday, and we all wear matching North Face fleeces when the outside temperature is below 60 degrees. We study hard and play hard. Where else can you find a weekend that starts on Wednesday? The amount of time that isn't spent in the library or Dana Engineering is spent on Frat Road or nursing the consequences of the time spent on Frat Road.


study hard, party hard; Nerdy, preppy, rich; caught in the Bucknell Bubble


That the people who go here are rich and party hard all of the time.


that we're all preppy white rich kids.


People say that Bucknell is a completely isolated school and that there is nothing to do here besides drink. It is stereotyped as a Greek campus and the idea is that you can't do anything socially if you aren't Greek.


Preppy school, a lot of people involved in Greek life, not that much diversity


Bucknell girls are very pretty and fashionable. They dress the same and they wear the same brands. They even have the same hairstyles. Bucknell boys are slightly different. There are certain classification of Bucknell boys. We are all rich and we party a lot also.


Girls - Designer labels on everything, drinking starbucks coffee Guys - popped collars and khakis, Vacation in Martha's Vineyard


Before coming to Bucknell, I heard that Bucknell was a J. Crew advertisement, with an incredibly rich, good-looking, homogenous student body. Stereotypically, Bucknell students adhere to the notion of both working hard and playing hard.


Most people conjure up an image of pampered, J. Crew models that attend the country club in Pennsylvania.