Bucks County Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the reputation. People feel shame for attending community college, but they fail to realize that Bucks County Community College is one of the top ranked community colleges in the country. Because of the stigma associated with community college, I don't want to tell people that I attend this school, even I enrolled in the school specifically for financial reasons.


The worst thing about my school is that if a class does not have enough student, they will cancel the class the day before the semester begins. I consider this the worst because, when a class is canceled, it is hard to find other classes to take and it delays your completetion of your degree.


Honestly the worst part about my school is that I can't complete a four year degree here. Over the year and a half that I've attended here I always knew that I would have to transfer, but now that the time is here to do so I'm getting a bit upset. I've come to love Bucks and the time that I've spent here, so I mean it when I say that leaving will be the worst part.


I would say the worst thing about school is the time it takes to get through it. It's just personal opinion, I'm an impatient person.


You never really get a strong sense of community. It's difficult to be able to develop friendships in one semester. Plus, not having any dorm-life doesn't help. These are typical of community college, though.


I just finished my very first semester at BCCC and I don't believe there is a "worst" thing about it. And, if there is, I have not seen it. I like this school a lot. Bucks is open to many different people and their levels of knowledge. If their is something about Bucks that happens to fall under the "worst" category, I would not want to know. I like the school as it is; a community for all of its' students.


Well so far I have only been there for one semester and all is going well. The only thing that i consider the worst thing is the parking. You have to drive around and look for a spot for five minutes, then you have to walk a mile to your class, and by that time your late for class. Other than that I have no complaints about the school, yet.


The worst part about school is the cost. It it were not so expensive, i would be able to get through it faster.