Bucks County Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The main campus is an hours drive away. I have been going to the Upper Bucks campus, but the variety of classes is much smaller. I will need to go to the main campus for my next two semesters because of this, but that means I will be spending an hour and a half driving for four days a week. A lot of the advisors also have their offices in the main campus as well, which makes it difficult for students who want to make an appointment.


The most frustrating thing about Bucks County Community College is the Nursing Program. Lack of information regarding the specifics of the program has led to either a negative or unsuccessful experience for students enrolled in the program. Classification as an "excelarated" program should not include the necessity to self-teach the majority of the course content. Perspective students should be provided with full details of the program including the fact that formal classroom instruction is only held one day a week for merely 3 hours followed by a 3 hour lab.


Nothing frustrates me so far. I am in United States 6 month's so my english is not perfect but all teachers helps me with that, they dont make any issues about it.