Bucks County Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Bucks Community College is a great way to save money and help you prepare for the careers you want to purse.


The best thing about BCCC is the outstanding education it offers. It also offers quite a bit of extracurricular activities. Being a night school student, I was pleasantly surprised by the courses offered and the outstanding quality of the teachers. I am enjoying my adventure at BCCC towards my degree.


For me the best thing about Bucks County Community College is the fact that it gave me the opportunity to explore what exactly I want to consider pursuing in the future. I chose to major in Fine Arts, but if that had turned out to be a flop I could have easily changed majors. Being as it is a community college the cost is very low, if I had gone to an expensive art school after high school and changed my mind, it would have been an issue. How ever I intend on pursuing an artistic future.