Buena Vista University Top Questions

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it's easy to work full time and go to school full time


My school offers Professional and Online studies at other campus throughout Iowa.


Buena Vista Universtily is unique in that is helps you get on the right track. Everyone from the faculty. staff, spirtiual leaders, as well as fellow students are kind and inviting.


This was the only school I really looked at.


I like the emphisis that our science department puts on research. In most schools you can maybe get a job on campus with a lab, but mostly experience comes through internships. Here every biology student has three full years of working on their own project. It gives a good idea about what research is about in the real world.


We have an amazing school with a great campus atmosphere that's next to a really nice lake. If you're looking for a nice view, a fun campus, and a rewarding college career, come here. There are many extra curricular activities you can participate in, and many ways to help your grades become better each day. The dorms are amazing and the people are cool!


Men's Tennis


Having a special mini semester which people call Jterm makes Buena Vista University (BVU). Special classes are offered that aren't offered during regular semester. There are travel classes to Russia, Hawaii, Florida, South Africa and many more. Different travel Jterm classes are offered during different years. Our class sizes are small which makes class discussions interesting and make getting to know your professors much easier. BVU offers a lot of classes for such a smaller university. They also offer assistance for people that need a little help in the classroom such as note takers and getting notes from professors.