Buena Vista University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Learn how to effiecently schedule your time. College is a hectic place and if you aren't organized and go off a schedule, it can be easy to lose control of the situation.


I would tell myself that you need to learn to manage your time better. I had problems at the beggining of freshman year because I just didn't know when to say no when people asked me a favor. I ended up being in so many different clubs and organizations that I was overly stressed out.


First, I would tell myself that it is important to know what your goals are and what you want out of college. College is expensive, the more time and money you exhaust in figuring out what you want, the longer it will take you to reach your goals. Have a goal and never give up on it, no matter how long it will take to accomplish. Then, I would remind myself that it is acceptable to seek help when needed; that is what the faculty is there for. Most importantly, I would tell myself to relax! It is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed, but difficult to learn how to cope. It is important to relax and believe in your abilities.


Don't get lost in the hustle bustle of college, alcohol, dating. Focus on your schoolwork. In 5 years, the classes you skipped, the parties you went to, and the people you dated will mean NOTHING, but the grades you got or didn't get, will follow you for the rest of your life. Future schools and jobs look at your transcripts and it could make or break furthering your education or getting that dream job. Focus.


I have learned to manage a full-time job, family and continue my education. I know that by graduating from college it will help my family be more stable in the future.


After one semester of college I have learned an enormous amount of things about college and myself. College has taught me that procrationation is a habit that needs to be broken early on. With that, it has taught me how to better manage my time. With better time management I have been able to participate in many more clubs and activities outside of my studies that before I would have never thought possible. Through these activites I have met many friends that I think I could keep after I graduate. Through just this one thing I have learned so much. I have become a more responsible and mature student and person, which will help me succeed further into my college career. It has been valuable to attend because I could gain these qualities and use them to help me in the future. College has opened my eyes to the real world and all the possibilities that are out there when you earn a college degree. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


I have grown extensively throughout my college experience thus far. I have learned to grow as an individual without relying on my parents as well as gaining remarkable insight academically into the area of study of exercise science focusing primarily on human performance. I have met numerous professors who have my education and overall best interest in mind. I was fortunate enough to be part of a soccer team that is transforming into a respected program that this university can be proud of. As a freshman player, I gained the experience of starting and playing in all eighteen games. I have met friends that will withstand the test of time and push me to be the best person I can be. I have immensely enjoyed college and the valuable experiences it has provided. I am looking forward to my next few years.


Picture this... Meeting new people everyday that have different backgrounds than you, forming unforgettable friendships, and studying into the night just so you can smile when the grades come out. Those are just some of the things that a person gets to experience in college. The classes that you select are also part of the experience. Even if you aren't sure about your major you have the opprotunity to experiment. Some of my favorite classes have been outside of my major. I have discovered that it is valuable to attend college for more than just an education. It is about the connection a student gets to make with their chosen proffesion and those proffesors that go the extra mile to make that connection stronger. Sometimes the best teachers are fellow classmates who are taking this journey with us. College is an amazing and difficult journey, but it's worth it. I look forward to the years to come.


I would tell myself to earn more college credit. If I would have earned more college credit, I wouldn't have to take as many general classes. That would have allowed me to take more classes in my major right away.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school I would give many words of advice. A major problem that I am now facing is learning how to study. If I could return in time, I would make sure to take the time to learn before I got to college. Although I took many college classes in high school I was not prepared. I would have loved to give myself the advice to be prepared for the new. People as well as school are different in this atmosphere. Any freshman need to advice to keep their heads up. The first semester will be the hardest, but you will make the transition. Don?t give up, and save as much money as you can. College is not cheap and you still may have other financial obligations. This is not a time to slack so pay attention, get a job, try your hardest, but also have fun.


I would tell myself to start saving up money then because it is hard to go to class and work at the same time, while maintaining a good grade.


Taking a chance to go back in high school and take all the opportunities couselors and teachers would give me, I would tell myself to take a complete different route than the one I decided to take. GearUp, a program for high school students, would offer many scholarships, tours to different universities all around Texas, and Thea tests at no charge. Many students don't realize all the options they are given until it's to late and once out of high school your out on your own with no direction. College is not like high school, where teachers are linient with homework and test, it's not a joke, and you have to take it serious just like you have been told a million times. It makes you a wiser person than the one you are right now and parties won't take you anywhere only to misery.


If I had the oppurtunity to go back and talk to myself as a senior I would remind myself to take my time. You should not be rushed into a decesion. It is important to look at all aspects of a school. I would advise myself to go on more campus visits. Get to know the feel for a school before accepting or rejecting it. The most important advise I would give would be to look for more scholarships, there is money out there and if you look hard you can find it. I made the mistake of just settling for loans instead of really trying to get that extra help and now as I enter my senior year next year I am still looking for new oppurtunities. Overall I would tell myself to be confident in my choices, remember there is no rush and only you can make this decesion, no one else.


I would tell myself that life is not always what you expect, and that the really bad times never stay too long. I would tell myself that I needed to make the mistakes I have already made to be the person I am today. I cannot go back in time and short cut, because all of those little things shaped the person writing this now. I would tell myself a few quick things: Assigned roommates are a mixed bag, Never live with your best friend, and go to class even if your really don't want to. But I would not tell myself that I should start at the small school. I wouldn't have realized I wanted to teach if I had done that, and I would not have met the friends that I have now. I would not tell myself that I should go into teaching, because that person wasn't ready for that yet. Instead I would just say that things will look desperate, but it will get better. Otherwise I wouldn't be filling this out now.


Do what makes you happy. Go to where you will be happy.


I would tell myself to be careful. To take it slow and really enjoy the whole process of transition from high school to college. There's a lot that goes on in that transition; a lot of growth and maturement that happens, but only if you let it. I think it's one of the most beautiful times in someone's life. I would also say be careful. Be careful to surround yourself with quality people, people who will help you succeed and push you to become better. That's key because if you do that, college becomes so much more amazing in every way possible. You want to set yourself up to live an awesome life after college. It all begins with the decisions you make in college. The most important thing is God. He will be there throughout everything. Trust him. Confide in him. Don't run from him, because he'll be there when you need it most. Life and fulfillment and joy and peace and love can all be found in college- not just found, but lived. It just takes an open heart, humble mind, and willing heart. Cherish it with your whole heart.


Do whatever you want. It doesn't matter what you want to do, just do it. And at this point in your life, you don't need to know your future. RELAX


I would tell myself to take in as much of high school as I could especially in my senior year and to not just slip by with doing my work. Everything you do in high school prepares you for your next stage in life and like baking, if you miss a step, things could get ugly. Also, I would say to take all of the availiable college credit classes that I could because I could be so much further than I am. It shortens the time you are in college along with recieving the equivalent high school credit. Killing two birds with one stone!


When picking the right collge for the most college experience, the student must like the college that they will be attending because otherwise the student will not try hard in the academics. The student should have and idea of the education they will be receiving for the money they are paying out. The college experience is about going to school and making new friends along with getting a good education from the school. To me that's the college experience because I am not a party person. Some believe the college experience is about making new friends and partying the nights away, however it is about remembering the night before and knowing what you did during college.


Students, before you apply to any colleges or universities make sure that you know what you want and don't want, in where you will spend your college life. Don't spend your time applying and looking at colleges you don't want to attend. Spend your time looking at schools that interest you, the student, and that you can see yourself at. If you are in a sport consider looking into schools where you will be a starting player rather than a bench warmer playing varsity. Before falling in love a with a school make sure that it has your major because if it doesn't than it makes it hard to go to that school. Don't go to a school because of other people you know or because your significant other is going there. Makes breaking up akward. Parents don't force your student one way or the other but instead support your child in their decision. Your influence should play a part but you already had your chance to experience college. Now it is their turn. Students think for yourself and what is most important for you. Find a school you can see yourself successful at.


When analyzing potential colleges, never underestimate the power of your gut feeling. Visiting campuses is essential to getting a feel for what life would be like if you chose that particular university. Make sure to absorb the friendliness and approachability of current students and faculty. Also, be sure to ask about issues important to you and your family, such as extracurricular activities, availability for extra help, campus living and dining, weekend events, safety, career placement, and certain programs unique to you specifically. Also, take advantage of traveling opportunities and chances to do research with faculty. Participate in extracurricular activities, but not so many that you do not have time for academia and a balanced social life. Take time to exercise and enjoy a movie once in awhile. Do planning, but not so much that you leave no room for spontaneity. Choose your college carefully, and take plenty of time to decide, but you will know which one is right for you after you have had the chance to visit several. After you've enrolled at a particular college, make the most of your choice - your attitude determines immensely how you will enjoy your college experience.


Go see other colleges, have a wide asortment of colleges. There will be one college that sticks out that your daughter/son will personally feel comfortable with.


Generally, if a school seems eager and excited to have you there, then they really are eager and excited. When I was taking my visits, the Buena Vista University felt like a "home" to me. Everyone I passed on tours would always smile, or say hi. I've continued to do the same thing when I see campus tours. The best school for you to attend is the one that it feels like you're already attending. Once you're there, remember why you're there. Of course you don't have to spend ALL of your time studying, but make sure the academics are coming first. There's plenty of hours in a week to get your homework done, and then maybe play some video games or socialize.


Choose what is best for you, regardless of location.


you must feel comfortable in your surroundings. Also look at the teacher to student ratio, you want to be able to talk to your professor when you need help.


Look around. Find a college that actually fits you. Do NOT simply apply to a school because your friends are or because you had family go there in the past. Look for the college that makes you feel at home and accepted. If you don't then you will be unhappy and not receive the full college experience. Go on campus visits. How else are you going to know if you belong on that campus? Also find a major that pertains to what you want to do in life. Don't be afraid to change it if you find out that it is not what you want in life, even in your third or fourth year. Also get involved on campus. It is the best way to make friends and find your perfect fit on campus. Once you do, I promise that your experiences will be fulfilling and memories that you won't forget. Have fun, take time for yourself, but remember to stay on top of your homework.


I would say to find a place that feels like home. If it doesnt feel right then keep looking. Dont choose a college because of others pressuring you. Make the choice for yourself. It is going to decide your future the college you choose so make it the right one. It is a fun time and experiance, so make sure you choose one that can offer you all of those.


The first piece of advice I would give any parent or student is to trust your gut. Just because someone tells you you should go some place, if it that school doesn't feel right it probably isn't the right place for you. Second, get as much help as you can from your guidance counselor, regarding admission and financial aid. Third, apply, apply, apply for any and all scholarships you come across, because any help financially you can get helps. And lastly, relax and enjoy the process. The more stressed out you get the harder it is. Plus enjoy the last year you have, because it is a very exciting time.