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Bunker Hill Community College

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Bunker Hill personfies the word unique. The staff, resources, and student organizations all make this institution an amazing stepping stone for students who want to transfer to four year institutions. When i first began attending Bunker Hill I was nervous. I felt as though people would judge me for going to school there. Upon walking into the doors that fear and angst shed away as I was greeted instantly and treated with respect and genuine sincerity. I have never felt that same welcoming feeling at any other educational institution.

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Bunker Hill Community College is very diverse which is a very different environment than the university I attended back in 2004. Also Bunker Hill has a lot of resources to help all students if needed. Not to mention that it's very accessible by public transportation and if very flexible about the schedules of people who work and have children. BHCC is a good place to start if you were not the best student in high school or if you took a leave of absence from school and returning after a few years. It's a great place to be.

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