Butte College Top Questions

Describe how Butte College looks to someone who's never seen it.


Butte College is amazing and gave me motivation to continue my education with amazing instructors.


Butte College has made my life so much more open and has increased my understanding of the world and myself a hundred times over.


Butte is a community college with a wide variety of study fields, many great teachers and desirable certificate programs all available at a reasonable cost.


Butte is a beautiful place located just outside of Oroville, California and is working towards sustainability to save the school and country money and resources.


I feel Butte College is a really good school. Anytime I have queations there is always someone there to help me. I also really like how there is so much help oncampus for students who need help. The programs thry have on campus are easy to apply for and easy to find on campus.


Butte College is a tight knit community that allows the students to work closely with their professors to achieve success.