Butte College Top Questions

Describe the students at Butte College.


My classmates are accepting and always open to help where everthey can.


My classmates are helpful.


Everyone is unique in their own way. Some keep to themselves, but most are very freindly and helpful.


I couldn't ask for a more uplifting and reliable group of people that I am proud to call my peers at Butte College.


Mix races in hopes of a better life.


My classmate who i've never spoken to notices when i'm not in class and offers to share notes of the lecture.


Shy at first, friendlier later in the semester; but the classmates i have encountered have all been very great for the most part.


I have had the pleasure of spending three great semesters in the nursing program with my classmates who are friendly, motivated, smart, caring, flexible, and wonderful people, and this last semester is going to be awesome as well!


My classmates are very outgoing and are in school for a reason and I showes. They all seem to work very hard and have a goal in mind!


Some rude, some nerdy, some quiet, and some absent alot.