Butte College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a green, environmentally concious school. Aaron Rodgers played football for the school.


Sustainability. Butte is recognized as the first junior college in America to completely provide its own power through solar means. The sports teams are fantastic. Butte College has been nationally recognized for its work with : Bio filtration, solar power, uses of rice for energy and conservation.


There are a few things my college is best known for, first is the career programs it offers. There are a few very prominant carrers that are well known from my college, those are the Nursing program, Police academy, and a Fire academy. The second best thing my college is known for is its enviornmental awareness. Butte College has a strong sustainability program and values that it stands by.


sustanability great teachers friendly students


We are the first ever all solor grid school.


the foot ball team


It is known for its academics and athletic programs. It is ranked 8th in the nation for community college. Butte College athletics are amazing. In all of the sports Butte College wins most of its games. When we need help with academics we can go into the Learning Resources Center where there are tutors to help us. They over 200 learning workshops in one semester. Where Chico state has only 15 per semester. Butte College helps each of us when we ask. The teachers give us their e-mails and numbers to call them when we need help.


For its teachers and football team!