Butte College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Butte College?


I think that I brag about the biology department being so awesome. I love all the staff and teachers. I love how they are so helpful and there were so many tutors when I was taking anatomy that I felt confident every step of the way. I love the study lab they have for the biology students and the tools they have to help everyone succeed.


That it's something that I should of done years ago.


I often tell my friends that attending Butte is like studying at on big nature preserve. Our school has a serious committment to improving the eviroment. Butte College is a Member of The American Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and the American Council on Renewable Energy. Our focus on sustainability is reflected in our curriculum, in our campus design, our daily operations and in our student activities. Additionally, our campus has one of the largest tutoring centers in the state. There is a lot of assitance to succeed in college and in life, which is awesome.


I brag about the teachers. Some of the teachers at Butte College are realy amazing teachers. I love the fact theat the school is on a wild life refuge. I love the fact that the school is going green..


What I mostly brag to friends about Butte College is that it's inexpensive, the staff are knowledgeable--and thus very helpful, that Butte is the 'greenest' campus, and that the campus is gorgeous--outdoors and very nature oriented.


how fun it is and how much better i feel about mmyslef since i started.it has allowed me to make my life so much better for me and my children..i love going and love learning...i went back after 30 years of raising kids and i thought it would be horrible like high school.i found it is nothing like that and i am on the honor society Phi theta Kappa and never thought i sould do as good as i have.i have not won any sholarships yet but hope to win something before i finish...thanks