Butte College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Butte College?


All lifelong learners should attend Butte College. This is a place to learn about a specific subject and to also learn about ourselves. Lifelong learners are those who eagerly seek out knowledge and understanding in the world they are a part of. This is a place for motivated students to enhance their personal development so they can lead the life that they choose, not a life that life that chose them. This is a place for people who are making the decision to change thier lives and earn an education.


some one who can not afford a higher education, or someone who wants to stay near HOME.


If you can't afford it. If you don't have a high school diploma.


I would say a motivated person. It is very easy to find an excuse to skip school because of the area where the school is. Some mornings when its 30 degrees outside its hard to get yourself up to go outside and wait for the bus. I never miss school because I like to stay ontop of things but many of my fellow students skip school alot. As long as you have self disipline, you'll make it at Butte College.


anyone should be able to attend any schoool...it is a wonderful learing experisence as well as a way to meet people and feel better about youself...i think that especially older students like me really benefit from the experience because it is soemthing everyone should do one time in theier life...school is fun and you learn and it makes you feel younger and like you are doing soething good for yourself and your family...since i went back to schoool i hae influenced 2 of my kids and several others to go to colllege that would not have.


Anyone non violent, and wants a higher education.


The kind of person who should attend Butte College is a person who wants to give back to their community by being role models for their families.