Butte College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I did not make the transition from high school to college as a senior; I made it as a sophomore. I graduated as a sophomore mainly because I did not like high school. I honestly got really depressed and thought about suicide because I got picked on a lot and didn't really fit in. I would tell myself though, if I could go back, that it is okay to be myself. I would tell myself to not be so afraid of being bullied in college because college is way different from high school. I would let myself know that there are so many different kinds of people in college who make you feel welcomed and loved for you just being yourself. I would let myself know that there is no “having to fit in’ at college and that I don’t have to be afraid of going back to school. I would let myself know that I will be happy in college and I will be thankful for college because saved my life. If I stayed in high school I would not be here now. College saved my life.


If I could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to get a job and not to stress too much. "Senior year is going to be a breeze, get a job and start saving money for when you go to college. Take care of yourself and when you move to Chico, buy some Chico grown honey to prevent allergies. Trust me, you will thank yourself later."


Everyone has those moments where they wonder about what life would be like if they could go back in time. I believe that everything happens for a reason, but if I had the chance to write a letter to myself before college I would tell myself to take my assessments earlier and start planning for school sooner. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my assessments until the end of June which meant my orientation was scheduled for the 28th of July. As you could imagine, the majority of the classes were already full and I was forced to take classes at inconvenient times in the day. Also, I would tell myself to get a computer before school began; I bought all my school supplies early for school, but I didn’t get my laptop for my school work until two weeks into the semester, so I had trouble accessing the online student resources. Overall, though, I’m glad for the new experiences that college life has brought me. I’ve made new friends and rekindled old friendships. And above all I’ve matured exponentially. College is a learning experience in all aspects, whether it is in life or in education.


The advice that I would tell my high school senior self is very simple: Don't change a thing and don't worry. I spent senior year dividing my time between the yearbook room and the soccer field. Every spare moment I had was put into making the most creative yearbook I could for my fellow seniors. When I wasn't in front of the computer, I was captain of the Varisty Girl's Soccer team. At the time, I was constantly worried about the future. Was I making the right choices? Was I even worrying about the right things? In college, I'm still worried constantly. But I've realized that life is still going to happen no matter what you want. So, do what you want in the moment while you can. And don't change a thing unless it's something you want to change. You only have control over so much so enjoy it. So, seventeen year old me, continue to be the yearbook nerd who happens to play sports. Don't change a thing. And don't worry.


I know that the past four years have been rough. You messed around the past couple years and now that you’re applying for schools, you have to overcome that. It will be okay, don’t stress too much. What you should be focused on is really figuring out what you want to go to school for. Just because you’re good at the accounting classes, if it doesn’t make you happy you don’t have to do it. Just because your counselor told you that you can’t be a teacher, doesn’t mean he is right. Believe in yourself and focus on what makes you happy, not what will make you money. Also, there is nothing wrong with community college. I know there is a stigma around it, but you should ignore it. Not everybody is ready for university straight out of high school. You can go there later, when you are ready, and that is okay too. Stop listening to what others say, or doing things just to prove you can, focus on what is right for you. That is the only thing that matters now and really all that matters long term in life.


Coming out of high school I was too focused on a career path. I spent 30 years building homes before I was injured and lost my career. I loved every moment of it. But that being said, my advice would be: This is a time to explore and discover who and what you want to be. There is no great rush to join the work force right now. Be serious about your studies, but enjoy the time you have with friends and schoolmates. These are the people you will remember forever.


If 10 years ago someone told me what my life would be like, as it is now, I would never have believed them. I am not living the dream life that I thought I would have by this time when I was graduating high school. If I could go back and talk to myself, I would say, "Go straight to college and be surrounded with like minded individuals. College is not scary and you can do it! Your parents will never understand that a higher education is crucial to life success. Dive into the process of enrolling and figuring out what it is all about. You can talk to anyone about anything in college because they all went through the same process too. Everyone is there because they WANT to be. Every bit of effort is worth it to get started and to get a taste of what college is like. You are going to love it!" I think about this often, and it motivates me to make the most of college now that I am finally here.


If I was able to go back and speak to my high school senior self, I would say to start visiting more colleges sooner. I would tell myself to get more involved in the clubs I was in. The best advice would have been to start looking into what I wanted to major in and what programs the different colleges had to offer within different majors. I wish told myself to make sure I got in contact with a counselor before the semester started. Talking with a counselor has helped my education, therefore, I wished I talked to my high school counselor more about majors and what classes to take first. I wish I looked into not only the programs different colleges offered but also just what the college was about. For example, Butte College is very diverse and supportive of the GBLTQ community. I would tell myself to not forget who I am. Not to give up what I believe just to try and make friends in a new community. I would want to tell myself to remember my goals in life, live with compassion and expand my education.


Dear Self, Your career goals are attainable and you have the right intentions for your future. Do not take too many classes at one time, while you are trying to complete your schooling as fast as possible, it unfortunately will be what holds you back. you are smart b ut since you are working and going to school, if you take less classes each semester you will have more time to study for each one, which will allow you to get better grades. Taking too many classes will overwhelm you and make everything very difficult. Sit down and make your academic schedule with a councelor and stick to it. Doing this will in the end help you successfully complete your classes in a more timely manner, allowing you to finish your career program, and also get a job placement in your desired career faster. Life has it's obsticles but you are strong and can handle them. Do not loose sight of what you want, you will achieve it. Congratulations on making it through high school, here comes your next adventure.


I would tell myself to really think about what I want to do in life and plan for it. Don't go to college blind!


College is a great idea. You will have wasted a lot of years and have a lot of regret if you don;t start thinking of your future.


Don't wait around trying to figure out what your going to do in life. Get out their and do it. College will change your life and the experience is going to change you and how you think, live, and work. College is one of the best choices that you could ever imagine.


i have learned how to manage my time and busy schedule. It is also helping me fullfil my dream of becoming a computer engineer.


I visit my younger high school self as the ghost of my college future. I drift into my old room, hover momentarily, while looking down at myself playing video games without a concern. I make my presence known the only way I can; I stand in front of the video screen. My younger self looks up with shock as a ghost that looks like him begins pontificate about his future. "Young man, I bellow, do you plan on going to college?" "Yes", my high school self replies, still in shock. "Well", I say, "if that is the case what habits are causing you not to get good grades right now?" The younger me glances sheepishly at the video game. "Your present is your future", I say, continuing, "Success in college depends on good time management," this means balancing your work with your play, making sure you exercise to stay fit and eat good food to feed your brain." Create a success plan and re-evaluate it each month. Do these things now and you will start your college career ahead of the pack. I drift back to my present time leaving my high school self in deep thought.


Hey kid, i wan't you to tell you a little about myself. To start, you might want to sit down. My name is Heather and I'm you in the future! ...... o.k... o.k calm down, take a deep breath. I'm just here to tell you were you could be in just a year or two. Heather, you could be on your way to a new life, a happier life. You could have a degree in what ever you want! All you have to do is go to college. I mean realy go. Don't mess it up like you did in high school. I mean just show up, do your work, and have fun. There is nothing to fear. I BELEAVE IN YOU. I BELEAVE IN US. Keep a smile on your face. You can do anything you put your mind too.. Remember to network, meet lots of people and teachers. Get to know people and don't be shy. By the way your future looks great and has lots of surprises for you.


Take math and science right away! There's a lot of pre-req stuff that you must take prior to enrolling in major coursework.


I would fist of all emphesis how important your grades and SAT's are. I would also tell myself to take a few college class while still in high school, to help better prepare myself for the transition into college.


If there was one thing that I know now and wish I could tell myself in high school, it would have to be that: if I want anything in this world, it takes more than wishing for it. In high school, I wanted my future to be planned out and organized; a smooth ride. However, now that I am older and considerably wiser, I now realize that anything good in this world does not come without hard work. I would tell my high school self that the road ahead is rough, and there is no one that's going to help you. So, you must help yourself. Nothing about college life is easy: the juggling of a professional, scholastic, and social live; the constant reading and writing; the seemingly overbearing exams; and not to mention the cost. With all of these stresses though, the only thing stopping a person from succeeding is oneself. I would tell the younger me that, while the road ahead won't be easy, hard word, dedication, and discipline are the only tools you need to build a successful future.


Attending classes for the very first time as a college student was greater than driving your first car. Being so blinded by the excitement of attending the university, I had never thought about the cons of reality. In reality, anything can happen. You should always expect the unexpected, but how is that possible? I wouldn?t know because I, myself, wasn?t expecting my Mother to have two strokes while attending my first year of college. My beautiful Mother, who was always there for me was lying in a hospital bed. She was not able do anything, but just lied there helplessly. I was too emotional that I isolated myself from my family and was always out late with my friends. It soon led to missing classes, then finally disqualified from the university. My only Mother, who was my guiding light, was no longer there to guide me. I was lost and could not see the path way that I used to take. If I could, I would go back and tell myself to never give up because that?s not how my Mother raised me. I am to always try my best and keep on walking forward.


Life is a fragile gift. It exists in all forms, yet only exists one time around. If I was given the ability to return to myself as a high school senior, there are endless things I would say. I would be inclined to tell myself not to speak the things that brought me misfortune, and act those parts that would have made me more successful. But one thing stands that I would utter first and greatly emphasize, is to be the best I could be. I would advise myself to reach out into the world and get involved. I would advise myself to speak out my ideas and share my thoughts. I would advise myself to befriend those who needed a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen to. I would advise myself to smile upon those I walk pass and wave to those I cannot reach. I would advise myself to be that person that is remembered by many and I would advise myself to be the person my dog thinks I am.


I would just tell myself to think about the future. not to worry about partying or friends or social issuses along those lines. one of the biggest struggles is figuring out what you want to do once you are out of college. Inorder to figure out what type of carreer you want, you need to reflect on the type of person you want to become and set your sights accordingly


I would tell myself to better apply myself and to apply for any and every scholarship availaible because college is not cheap.


I would reassure myself that it is a good thing to choose the school that will help you succeed in your career of choice. Don't ever think that you should go to the same school as your friends. Also, I would tell myself to take advantage of scholarships, especially if you are wanting to attend an out of state college/ university. The prices are really expensive. I know that I was really nervous about how hard the work would be in college, but if you are trying your best in high school and pushing yourself to get good grades, you will do just fine in college. One more thing I would say is that it isn't so bad starting out at a college, and then transfering to a university. It is a nice and easy transition. It's better to work your way up from the bottom and succeed, then start at the top and fail.


If I could talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself that I'm in for a wild ride. College is a lot more work than high school and losing your steam simply isn't allowed. In highschool you go to class because you are required to, in college it's because you make yourself. Do not let that freedom get the best of you. Running out of steam is really not an option here. What helps not running out of steam? Having plans and goals! Decide what you want your grade report to look like, and achieve that. Also helpful is taking classes that actually interest you out of the GE courses. The ones you don't care about are much harder to pass because they're boring. Keep track of everything you need to do, it'll keep you on track because life is up to you now, not your parents or teachers. It's your responsibility to make sure you know what you're doing and to budget your time, effort, and money. With all that said, don't worry about friends, they'll come and go, just worry about you.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to save as much money as possibe. I would tell my self that it is ok to be my self. I would tell my self not to take cetain classes.


Dear Self, Please finish your high school education well.


My advice to myself would be come in prepared and get ready to go to work. It's not the same as when you were in high school when you have your mom and dad do everything for you. You have to take care of business yourself, and study ten times more than you did in high school. Dont let your friends hold you back, because your going to have to go out and be on your own. You will then make your life-long friends. Also don't be so shy, your going to have to speak up, and don't be afraid to ask questions or for help.


I would tell myself to focus more on my studies then on my athletics. I would have worked harder to get better grades for more scholarships. I would have found work sooner so I could have a little bit of help paying for it. College is not as scary as high school but it is where you need to work harder than before. I would have told myself to work harder to prepare myself for the future. The grades in high school weren't just for getting into college's but it was also so that I would have the knowledge and advance myself furthure in my education.


If given the opportunity to go back to my senior year, I would tell myself to be a little more practical. Rather than wasting valuable time as a Dance major, I would advise myself to jump right in to what I am doing now. Currently I am a Fashion Merchandise Marketing major at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and I have never been happier. Also, if I would have been able to give this advise back in my senior year, I would have been a graduate by now with a full time job. I really wish I could go back and change some of my decisions.


I feel if i could go back the only thing i would change is to be more involved with school. I wish i would of not taking the time I had in high school for granted. I should have looked more into college then because taking advantage of that free time to look for the right path for me was not a good decision on my part. I ended up taking time off to work and if i would of just got right into college right after high school i could be done with a lot of college and maybe have a better understanding in what I want to be. So, if i could go back I would definitley take more time out in school and take advabtages of the opportunitys that where offered to me.


If I had the chance to give myself advise, I would say, "Shut up, Liz! You are done joking about selling newspapers on the side of the road after graduation! Go to college, and go right into nursing, you will end up there anyway! You can have a carreer by the time you are 23, instead of struggling to pay bills for the next ten years. Take advantage of any kind of program that will help you pay for school. Don't be afraid to get student loans. Learn how to study, you will need it! Read your books, otherwise, why buy them for your classes? Dont forget to take the fun classes like choir and photography, you will love them. Apply for every scholarship you qualify for, even if it is only a couple hundred bucks. Trust me, when your classmate gets handed a check for $500 right in front of you, you will kick yourself for not applying. You are smarter than you think you are, and you can do anything you put your mind to. It's going to be hard, but it will be so totally worth it. And when graduation comes, you better walk!"


I would tell myself that college is everything I like about school without all the things I hate about school. For example, you pick your own classes according to classes that fit your schedule. Theres no bell that rings meaning you have 5 minutes to get to class; theres no hallway moniter to give you detention. You have choices on what you want to take according to what your interested in. Teachers talk to you like grown up. If you want to go out to lunch with someone that you met on campus, you can leave on your own free will. Basically, you get to learn in an environment that promotes learning.


I would tell my self to have the focus and iron will needed to complete school. Work hard and save all of your money for school and enjoy my time there. Dedicate your self to finishing your goals.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a lot to say to myself. I would tell myself to get my butt in gear because I need to train myself for college. There is no room for slacking off in college so that I should start now and learn to concentrate and work hard at everything that I do. I would also tell myself to work hard to get good grades and better my education. Spend less time with friends and stay home and spend more time doing homework and studying.


Nicole, I know it seems like a good idea now to take easy class to "adjust" to college life...don't! Start taking classes you need now then you can look at classes that are a little easier. What you need to do is take classes that will challege you, classes that pertain to your major--which is going to be Nursing--and stick to the schedule of classes that are required for that major. Whaterver you do; don't take the 'easy' classes expecting an easy 'A'.


i would tell myself it is the way to make your life better. i did not go when i was just out of school and it is so different from high school...to maie it easier i think you should just sign up and not be scared and go...it is fun and easy and once you are there and doing it, you will feel so proud of yourself for the accomplishments you have made it will be worth it all...it is so fun and a great way to meet people and get connections in the field you are studying so once you do get done, most schools or depts in schools will help you get jobs or at least refer you to someone in the field you studied and help you get work...as for making the transistion...it is not that hard...i went from not going to school for 30 years to going back a couple of years ago..my lilfe has changed so much for the better for me and my kiids and it has only just begun...me having an education has made my kids wnat one as well...our life will be sweet


Get through High School and look forward for College. College life is much funner, and more interesting than high school since you can choose the classes that pertain to your interest or major. You can get more money for learning and getting educated in what you enjoy doing.


I would tell myself that I could do whatever I put my mind to and that I am smarter than I think I am. I also would tell myself to apply for scholarships even if I thought I was not quite eligible for them. I had an opportunity to apply for a chemistry scholarship when I was a senior in high school but I was so down on myself and didn't believe I could not be smart enough for chemistry that I let the opportunity pass. Now that I am a chemistry major, I can't help wishing that I had taken the leap and applied for that scholarship. If I had thought I was smart enough to be a chemist I would have graduated college much sooner than I am going to now. One more piece of advice I would give myself is to taught to the professor if I needed something clarified, I don't need to have all the answers right away. That is a lesson that took me a long time to learn.