Butte College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part about Butte is how environmentally concious everyone is. The entire campus runs off the solar panels. The agriculture classes are in charge of making the campus look nice. Everyone takes the time to be clean and green.


Butte College is very diverse. Not only is the student body full of multiple races, they are accepting. The teacher will protect and defend you. You neverhave to feel alone at Butte. Especially because they have so many ways to get involved on campus and throughout the community.


I am extreemly greatful for a few different things that my school gives me. Butte College has lower tuition fees than the local university, making my education more accessable. Also, the career I want to persue is offered at Butte College, which means I do not have to transfer, which is very convenient for me. Finally, there is a lot of assistance offered to help with studying and understanding difficult classes.


I think that my school rocks. We have so many resources as students. My school is really the best choice I've made in a long time.


The quality of the education. You're paying a tenth of what CSU costs and getting much more out of it because of smaller class sizes, so you get to know your professors and really care about what you're learning.


The best thing about our school is how much they help us with homework. They are careful not to tell us the answers but guide us in finding out how to do the problem. I like the athletic program where they make the athlete's study 3 hours a day in the Learning Resource Center where we usually get our homework done.


The school is close to where I live and work. They have an excellent staff that is concerned with your learning.