Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General

An administrative assistant is an important role in nearly every office across all industries. These professionals typically work to provide clerical support. They keep the office running smoothly. They answer the phones. And they schedule appointments. and manage e mail accounts. Administrative assistants should be independent and self motivated.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career as an administrative assistant should consider an administrative assistant training program. There are administrative assistant training programs at many schools. There also are and certificate programs available. Administrative assistant training programs are a perfect way for you to kick start your career.

Administrative Assistant Training Course Samples

All administrative assistant training is different. If you enroll in an administrative assistant training program, you may have to take some of these courses: 

Office Management

An administrative assistant must manage many office tasks each day. An office management course may introduce the various tasks that are required when managing an office. These tasks may include inputting invoices, managing bill payments and making financial deposits. The course may provide tips for how to be more efficient while managing office tasks.

Business Computer Applications

An administrative assistant must be familiar with basic computer applications. This course could provides an introduction to the computer applications that are typically used in an office setting. Topics may include word processing, spreadsheets and slide presentations. Generally, this course focuses on skill development. Students may work on these programs in the course in order to become familiar with the applications. The course is designed to help them become proficient in all of the most popular business computer applications.

Office Technology

Administrative assistants must be proficient in a variety of technology. Administrative assistants spend a lot of time on the computer. They also will have to use other devices. An office technology course will likely introduce students to different pieces of office equipment that they will need to use. Topics covered in the course may include scanners, fax machines, copy machines and advanced telephone systems. The course may offer times for hands on skill development. It also may provide information about ways to become better at using office technology.

Business Communication

An administrative assistant is the gatekeeper to the office. They must communicate professionally. They have to be clear and concise. And, they have to communicate effectively. A business communication course will provide an introduction into business etiquette. This course also may cover a variety of topics. Professional e-mail writing may be discussed. Interacting on a professional social media account may be covered. Proper phone etiquette is a common course topic. A business communication course also may provide tips for being an better communicator. Communication is a critical part of any administrative assistant's job.

Records Management

An administrative assistant is often responsible for bookkeeping. This is one of the most sought after skills among potential employers. A records management course will teach the basics of bookkeeping. The course will likely include training on bookkeeping software applications. This course emphasizes the importance of accurate bookkeeping. It also may discuss tips for creating an organized filing system. It also may offer additional tips for maintaining the files.

Business Mathematics

A general knowledge of business mathematics could be helpful for administrative assistants. This course often provides a refresher on basic mathematical concepts. This may include addition, subtraction and multiplication. There are some more advanced topics that also may be discussed. Calculating payroll is a common business math topic. Using interest formulas may come up in the course.


Many secretarial science degree could be earned in one or two years. These degree programs are often offered at community colleges and online universities. They also may be available at career centers. There are some professional organizations that offer certification programs for administrative assistants. These professional organizations include the International Association of Administrative Professionals and the International Virtual Assistants Association.


You could pursue a variety of careers with administrative assistant training. Many industries hires administrative assistants. You could work in a school. You may get a job in an office. Also, you may be hired to work in a medical clinic. There are endless possibilities.

Some of the most common careers for students who pursue administrative assistant training: 

Office Administrative Assistant

  • Min. Education Level: High School Diploma, GED
  • Median Annual Salary: $39,850 (2019) 
  • Projected Growth: Decline of about 7%. 
  • Number of Jobs: 3,786,800 (2018)

What Does an Office Administrative Assistant Do? 

An office administrative assistant provides clerical support. Sometimes, an administrative assistant works directly for one individual in the office. Typically, leadership positions require the support of a personal administrative assistant. In other cases, an administrative assistant may provide clerical support for all office staff members. An administrative assistant is responsible for answering phone calls. They also manage e-mail accounts. They work to schedule appointments. And they often coordinate travel arrangements. The administrative assistant may take care of routine office tasks. This may include filing, and bookkeeping. Anyone who enjoys working closely with people might enjoy being an administrative assistant.

Medical Secretary

What Does a Medical Receptionist Do?

A medical receptionist manages the front desk at a medical office. A medical receptionist may work in any type of medical office. This may include a pediatrician's office. A medical reception may be hired to work at a physical therapy clinic. They may even get a job at a hospital. A medical receptionist answers the phones. They also schedule appointments. They may be asked to file office paperwork. And they often are responsible for managing the online databases for patients. A medical reception also works directly with the patients. A medical receptionist is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to interact with people. It is a great career for someone who wants to work in the health care field.

Colleges With An Administrative Assistant Training Program 

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