Graphic Design

A graphic designer is an artist who specializes in communication design. Graphic designers can specialize in a variety of art forms. Some graphic designers use photography to create their designs. Others work on computer applications. Some work on information graphics. In many cases, you need a graphic design degree to work as a graphic designer.

Graphic designers work in many different places. There are many opportunities in the design field. You can have a long graphic design career. Graphic artists also work in public relations. There are many graphic design jobs. You may work in an office as a web designer. You also could work at a graphic design firm. You also could freelance as a multimedia artist. You may be able to focus on video game design. Some web developers have a graphic design bachelor's degree.

A bachelor's degree program with graphic design courses is a great choice. In an online graphic design program, you will work on design skills. You also will develop technical skills. A graphic design's bachelor's degree may be the best option for you. 

Graphic Design Degree Online Course Samples

A graphic design degree program will have a lot of art classes. An online graphic design degree will cover a variety of topics. The courses for a graphic design degree online may vary. If you are a graphics design major, you may take some of these classes:

Intro to Graphic Design

You may take an introduction to graphic design class. Intro to Graphic Design is one of the first classes you might take. This class talks about the basics of graphic design. Some coursework may talk about color theory. Color theory is used in many ways in graphic design. This course also may talk about basic graphic design tools. Editing is another main course topic. You may learn about Adobe. Adobe is an important design software. You also may learn about Photoshop. Photoshop is another common design software. You also may work with Indesign. This is another popular design software used by graphic artists.

Web Design

Web Design is another common course in an online bachelor graphic design degree program. Graphic designers often help to create websites. You may design the graphics for the web page. Your coursework will help you learn how to build a website. Your coursework also may talk about the user experience. You may learn about interactive design. You may study different websites in this class. You may learn about how to optimize a website. You may learn about problem solving. You may learn about the important role that computer graphics play in web design.


Typography is an art form. It plays an important role in graphic arts. Typography is the art of using letters and words in graphics. This course may be part of a graphic design degree program. You may have to use typography skills at work. Graphic design is part of the communications industry. When graphic design degree students study typography, they learn how to communicate better with visual elements. You may learn about different types of fonts. Your coursework may talk about the role that fonts play in digital media. It may introduce the best ways to use typography in graphic arts.


Many students who are pursuing graphic designer degrees will have to take a drawing course. This basic art course provides them with the skills they need for graphic design degree jobs. A drawing course may introduce basic drawing skills. Coursework may cover the fine arts. This class also talks about art history. You may learn about form and composition. You may find that these drawing skills help you with graphic design. You can apply the skills you learned in many different ways. You can use drawing in digital media.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is another common course in many graphic design degree programs. Graphic design students may have to be familiar with the basics of digital photography. A digital photography course may cover many different course topics. It may introduce the different parts of the camera. It may go into detail about camera functions and settings. You also may learn about Photoshop. Photoshop is a common editing software. In an online graphic design degree program, a digital photography course may focus on how photos impact graphic design. Students may have an opportunity to create a portfolio of digital photography work during this course.

Web Graphics

Web graphics is one of the most common design courses. This course may introduce the different types of web graphics. Coursework may cover the important role that web graphics play in online communication. You may have an opportunity to create your own web graphics. You also may evaluate different web graphics. You may discuss ways that some web graphics can be improved. You may learn about how animators use web graphics.

Accreditation for Online Graphic Design Degree

You should choose an accredited program. Accreditation is very important. An accredited program is a top graphic design degree program. Accredited graphic design degree online programs have been evaluated by other organizations. These organizations verify that the graphic design programs maintain high standards.

An accredited online graphic design degree will have a consistent curriculum. It will prepare you for graphic design degree jobs. Most employers want to hire a graphics design major with an accredited bachelor's degree.

Possible Careers with Graphic Designer Degrees

Graphic Designer

  • Min. Education Level: Bachelor of Arts 
  • Median Salary: $52,110 (2019) 
  • Projected Job Growth: 3% (Slower than avg) 
  • Number of Jobs: 290,100 (2019)

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a graphic designer works in the communications industry. They create artwork that helps communicate a point. Some graphic designers create art by hand. Graphic designers are experts in visual communication.

Art Director

  • Min. Education Level: Bachelor's Degree 
  • Median Salary: $104,590 (2018) 
  • Projected Job Growth: 1% (Slower than avg) 
  • Number of Jobs: 40,210 (2018)

What Does an Art Director Do?

An art director works to create a visual style for an organization. In many cases, art directors manage a team of graphic designers. Graphic artists with experience may be qualified to work as an art director. An art director has a lot of influence.

Source for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

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