Cabrillo College Top Questions

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Cabrillo College is a very unique school because the teachers are excelent and the class sizes are small so you will be able to get more time to talk to teachers one on one. I would also say that it is a very clean and safe enviorment. Everybody is freindly, espesially the staff of Cabrillo College. What i think is also unique about Cabrillo College is that it is less expensive than going to a University. It is good for me because i come from a low income family so its hard to pay for my schooling.


They have some awesome programs for all different types of people and income budget for them. Also they have so many different kinds of clubs that you can join on and off the college campus. Another thing is that the college has a program to help students find rides to and from home so that they can get to the college back and forth.


My school is smaller but still has a lot of opportunities available. Attending a smaller school is very beneficial because it allows you to establish a relationship with your professors and get all of the help that you need. Also it is in an area that has the aspects of a small town and a big city so you can experience both lifestyles. Santa Cruz is a place that has all types of people and so when attending Cabrillo College you really can be yourself.


It has a great diversity, good teachers and great location!