Cabrillo College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my senior year of high school and talk to myself I would advise myself to embrace being independent. My first year of college I made some bad decisions that I am not proud of. I want to go back in time and tell myself that I should stick to my values and beliefs and not let anyone sway me in the wrong direction. I do not regret much, but I do regret putting my trust in people who ended up abusing it. I would advise myself to get use to depending only on the strength and love of Christ, because that is always constant and consistent.


Perhaps the greatest struggle in life is to have a "balanced life." When things don't go as planned, it's okay; everything we go through presents an opportunity to grow. The sooner you can create a more balanced schedule, the sooner you will be running on victory lane. Yes, it is crucial to do well in school, but it is also crucial to have a life-giving community. Create specific study times in your calendar and once or twice a week be intentional about spending time with family or friends. Do keep in mind, college is not the same as high school, so don't focus too much on your social life. It is not fill in the blank worksheets. You will need to learn how to do research and study independently (and effectively). Invest in the people surrounding you, especially professors. Not only are they here to help you, they care deeply about you and want to use their wisdom, intelligence, and advise to help you in your life and educational journey. Live authentically and with purpose; the people surronding you are worth knowing and investing in. When an opportunity to serve someone presents itself, don't hesitate.


If I could travel back in time and give my former high school senior self-advice, I would tell her to be brave and apply to prestigious schools. As a high school student I had no confidence in my abilities and thought I was not smart or talented enough to go to Harvard or Stanford. However, now that I have been attending college for three years I have learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I almost have a perfect grade point average and have rigorously applied myself to my studies. I would tell myself to have courage and believe in my capabilities. By not believing in myself, I lost a lot of opportunities and I deeply regret that. I would tell my past self to apply to all the universities of my dream. I would tell myself that only I can place limits on my future and that once I realize this I can accomplish any goal I want to. The best advice I would tell my past self is to dream big and not settle for any less than she deserves. Do not take the easy route, challenge yourself. You can do it!


My college experience has been great. I have met new people and have become friends with them. I have also learned new skills and i put them to use in my community. I know that anything can be accomplished if you try. That is what i am currently doing. I can now be an independent person and tell myself that i can do it on my own. Overall my college experience has been awesome!. What i value from attending college is that it really means a lot to me because i am making my parents very proud. I am the second one in the family to ever attend and be one step closer to graduating from college. I am getting all of the education i need to be successful in my life. Hearing my name being called at the ceremony is something that i am wating for. So these are my reasons for why i value attending college.


If i could go back and tell myself one thing i would tell myelf to do hard things. Put my self in uncomfortable situations becasue that is the only way that a person grows. When they are faced with a challenge they cannot do anythign but face it head on. I recently moved to Santa Cruz and have been living here and barely making it by. I am doing thigns that most 19 year old kids would never dream of doing, but i put myself in this situation so i could grow and mature as a person. Through living on my own for my first two years of college, it has developed my character and given me a drive to succeed, because if I don't I will have to move back home and be miserable. I would tell myself to constantly challenge myself and don't be scared to go into a situation with faith and know that by pushing myself I will only grow.


This question is huge to me; I of course was the slacker in high school who believed education was a lame institution for those forced into the system. ?Why would you want to spend every moment with your face in a book reading about life when you could be out in the world living it.? that was generally my outlook. The normal rebellious teenager that new everything and some, than while I was searching for the perfect formal dress my junior year of high school I found out I was pregnant. While trying to process the enormous amount of change my life was about to take on I visualized myself living on welfare, uneducated with no focus or path in life. So note to my past self, education is everything, challenge your self and prepare yourself for the real world. In the sheltered halls of high school allow your self to succeeded, failure may occur but once you beat it and prepare your self for success and defeat your ready to embark on the biggest journey to invest into your future. Amanda Travers :)


I would tell my self that college life isn't easy and that all the hard work that i put in at high school will deffinetly pay off in the long run. Studying isn't easy and I need to now what my techniques are and how to use them when I enter college. People help me discover them in high school so I can use them out in the college world. I wasn't a student who missed any classes at all, I liked going to class, but i would say it's ealy not just to go to class and if I miss class or come in late, it's my own fault and nobody would care. It's called responcibility. People try so hard to get in the class your in and its like a battle field out there to get the classes you want. so if i don't keep up its too bad for me. There's a lot of stuff that I have learned in college, the main word I would say to myself is take responsibility.


I've made every mistake and also made all the right moves in my college career. If I could tell the next generation of college-goers something to change the course of their life, I would say to them: take your time, decide if you're doing what you want to do at every moment of every day, and everything, everything will fall into place as it should. You can do anything you want; all anything takes is a little planning and good, hard work.


I would tell myself that I should be very sure about my college decision, and if I were not, I would tell myself to travel and experience different cultures, which would broaden my view of the world and assist in my growth and choosing of my path.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the only advice I would give my younger self is to stay the course. By staying the course I would imply to my younger self to follow his own path and don't allow friends to interfer with his decisions. Simply put, if my friend is going to that college, I shouldn't go to that college just because my friend is. You have to follow your own path, which I did. I am happy with the decissions I have made since I graduated high school. I was unclear on my major and where I wanted to go when I was a senior, so I went to a community college. I don't regreat going there because I am almost done with my general education and I now know what i want to major in because of classes I have taken from Cabrillo College.


To make it a goal for me; to make sure I recieve nothing lower than a B. Also not to worry about anything else besides my school because in the end thats all that matters is education.


I would say to myself: Yeraldin I know you don't have a lot of money for college, but you shoud go anyway, there are many sprograms out there that are willing to help you economically. Take a weekend and just fill out scholarship applications and you will see that the help will come. Counserlors and teachers are amazing, always willing to help you, they are not monsters that want you to fail college. If you don't drive, that will be no problem because there are busses that can drive you to school. Housing can be expensive but there is many help out there example; Scholarships, Grants, and many woderfull programsone being Workstudy, this allows to work but aslso is very flexible and allows you to study when you need to and you are still getting paid. Not having a computer may become a problem but most of the campuses give you access to computers almost everyday. If you have no money to buy text books there are programs that can let you rent, borrow or loan you one. After knowing this, there is no excuse for not going to the college of your dreams.


If I was given the chance to go back to high school as a senior, I would have a very difference perspective on education, and would be able to provide myself with useful advice. My first piece of advice would be to take advantage of every educational resource possible. This includes giving as much effort possible in my classes inorder to achieve better grades. Work in college is much more difficult than high school, however if I put the same effort in high school that I now exert, the transition would have been much easier. Also, I would suggest taking more advanced classes that would have better prepared me for college course work as well as even put me at a better stand point for college. The biggest piece of advice I could give myself had I been given the chance to go back to high school, would simply be to take it more seriously. I look back now, and realize that I never utilized the reasources available to me, and I could have put myself in a better position had a cared like I do now.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college and making the transition, I would tell myself that I need to really be organized. I'm such an unorganized person and that is something that can really mess you up in college because a lot of times, teachers hand something out once and if you lose it, you're out of luck. I had to learn that the hard way before I really started to take organization seriously. Along with telling myself to take organization seriously, I would also let myself know that there would be times I wanted to give up, to just quit school and work or something. But I would remind myself why I'm in college, to get my degree as a Nurse-Midwife, delivering babies all over the world and helping women learn to value themselves and their babies. I would tell myself, once again that it was worth it and I would let myself know that while this would probably be the hardest thing I'd do in my life so far, it would also be the most rewarding.


Going back in time to when I was a senior, I am reminded of the choices that I was making for myself at the time. Trying to decide what to do, which school to go to, and what to study was very overwhelming. I personally came to the decision to not go to college right away and spent the next 11 years traveling, learning and discovering myself. While all of my friends joined the workforce or attended the university of their choice, I had embarked on a journey of personal discovery. There were many times that I was uncertain what the future would bring and had tolearn to trust myself and my decisions that I was making. Almost 12 years after my graduation date I really felt that I was ready and had built up a tremendous passion and awareness for what I wanted to do. Attending college now and looking back to when I was a senior, I would tell myself to trust more, fear less, and live fully. You will know what you are to do and when the time is right to do it, and remember to always love what you are doing in every moment.


As a senior in high school, the only real knowledge that I would need from my current self would be this: be accepting of yourself in all aspects of life. Be it grades, appearance, performance, or friends, acceptance it the first step toward living with ease of mind. With ease of mind, we can carry out simple tasks, such as taking meaningful steps toward our goals, much more effectively, and efficiently.


Knowing what I know about college life is nothing I have learned from any of my life experience. I know That I am a 33 yaer old single father that is trying to make ends meet,raise two children in northern michigan. Not an easy place to make a good living that supports any type of family. Instead of futhering my education. Mistake number one. I went straight in to the work force. Did well doing so untill I move out of the city to not have my children grow up in the ways that I did. That was the second mistake. I was working for my fathers company at the time I moved. I did not like the fact that I was labeled a daddy boy. I left the chance to take the company over. That is the third mistake that I made. Now I am telling myself why I should of done at least one of the three things in life different.


I would first remind myself to relax during the College application process. It's all going to be fine. Though, my main piece of advice would be to not worry so much about the financial aspect of your ideal College. If you know what you want to study, and you know where you want to study, then by all means pursue that College at full force without worrying about money. Just bite the bullet, and go for it. The money out there if you look for it. You shouldn't let anything get in the way of your goals. Especially money.


Actually, I wouldn't change a thing! Even though I was homeschooled until college, the transition into the higher academic world was smooth for me. I saw a counselor right away and found out what I needed to graduate from my program, and that saved me from taking classes that didn't matter for my major. Cabrillo was truly the perfect fit for me, and is an essential stepping stone for furthering my education. It was great just the way I lived it. If I had to give myself a piece of advice, I would say, "Don't stress out so much!"


I would make sure I would know what my plans are for graduating or getting my degree in college. I'd plan on talking to a counselor and do the application for Financial Aid. I would look into programs that can help me get through college and see which programs would even accept me into. I'd also do a Educational Plan so I know what classes I'd need for my degree and what classes to take for the next semester.


When I first went away to college I thought I was so sure of myself and who I was but when I got there I found myself being shy and hanging out in my room a lot, while it helped me to be a good student I feel like I missed out on some of the friends and relationships I could have made, the clubs I could have joined or the events I could have attended. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take more chances and to truly believe in myself. You never know what you are capable of achieving unless you take chances and go for it. I've become more outgoing now but I will never get back those first years of college life.


I would suggest doing what i have done-- taking some time to experience the real world so as to better experience college. I would tell myself to study hard and receive good grade, for those grades determine you future potential and elegability. "Look for the best colleges and apply to two more than you think you will go to, this way you will have options," i would tell myself. When making the decision of which college to go to, one is deciding there future; anyones future is greatly effected by their education, so make it count. There is alway financial help out there, so make that the least of your worries. If you work and study hard the rewards will present themselves in time. Fear not, hesitate not, and do everything! I would tell myself.


Stay focused. Do your own thing


If i was able to go back in time, i would say to my self, focus and study hard. Learn as much as you can here in high school because life as a student gets harder in college. I would tell my self visit you high school councelor and set up a meeting to help you plan out your college path out of high school.


I would tell myself, that even if I didn't do my best in high school, it's ok, because you can always get a seccond chance, and college is that chance. I would also tell my self that college is a lot easier then high school and not to worry about it. The transition isn't that bad and you get to take the classes that you want instead of the classes that you have to take.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior, the main point I would stress would be to never give up on myself. Although the future may bombard me with difficulties both mentally and physically, it is vital to keep moving forward in life and achieve all my goals. Life is hard for everyone at one point or another, but over time it will get better if you allow yourself to not dwell in the past. With my education, I would tell myself to study hard, but not to give up my social life completely. In order to transfer to a well-rounded university, work hard and save all the money you have, for that is the main obstacle I have to overcome. And last but not least, I would tell myself to keep smiling, for a smile is what makes the world go round.