Cairn University-Langhorne Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Philadelphia Biblical University exists to facilitate the higher education of its students who are taught to build character, serve God and others, and take advantage of opportunities and knowlege that will expand and brighten their future.


PBU strives to help students become Biblically minded, well educated, men and women of character.


PBU is a place where Jesus Christ molds the minds of young men and women to prepare them to be His hands and feet.


Philadelphia Biblical University needs you and your uniqueness!


PBU is a great school that is preparing me to enter the real world.


Philadelphia Biblical University strives to give students a well-rounded education that prepares and well-equips students to go into the workforce and impact this world in a positive manner.


Small and conservative but very good with financial aid and had a very good program in which I majored in.


An excellent environmet for spiritual and Educational growth.


This school is cool, the community is great and if you get the chance go to the school's wisconsin wilderness campus for your freshman year... you won't regret it (trust me i know, you'll thank me later).


Although PBU isn't without its own faults, its warm and welcoming faculty, great geographical location (not in the city but not too far from it), its competitive (but balanced) academic atmosphere, and the overall loving environment between the students and also between the faculty far outweigh any of its minor flaws.


PBU is a smaller, home style , safe, faithbased university with great learning oportunities for careers after graduation.