Cairn University-Langhorne Top Questions

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There is an amazing philospohy of interconnectedness at this school. Math is no longer just math because there is a history of math and a science behind how it happened. And there are implications that go along with that.


The sense of community and care that the students have with and for each other.


It focuses on preparing individuals to be professionally minded Christian ministry workers, either full-time or in their chosen profession. It is a cross-centered environment.


My school is unique from other schools because it is biblically based and all of one "religion".


The atmosphere, absolutely. This school has an friendly environment, everyone knows each other here. The professors are incredibly knowledgable, but that doesn't make them haughty, they're still willing to sit in the cafeteria and have incredible theological discussions with students. The school highly encourages study groups to help students academically, and also holds events for the students to have a break and relax. I'd say the most unique aspect here is the people. They are amazaing, intelligent, caring people that come into a common community to lift others up.