Cairn University-Langhorne Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of Philadelphia Biblical University, but it serves me well to observe the institution and its standards. The people and environment here are inviting and inspiring. One of the only problems I can state is that enrollment is low, which in turn raises tutition. This positive feedback loop continues due to the fact that less students enroll because of the rise in tuition. PBU is a school where students are encouraged to build character and a future, but the vicious cycle I described takes away from its opportunities.


The worst thing about my is school is when sometimes we spend much time trying to figure who's view is right about God, when we should be coming together and buliding a kingdom, instead of tearing it apart. We should allowed our differences to seperate us as Christians but put them together and see a bigger picture.


The worst thing about PBU is that people are very conservative. Many times it is hard for the student body to be open-minded and accepting to those who are different then themselves. Some people can be very judgemental.


I would say the need to duble major. Its hard getting a 3.0gpa for teaching then the school adds a hard major (biblical studies) and it makes it that much harder.


There is not a lot of worst things here at my university. But, the dorms could probably be better in space and quality. Also, the vegeatables in our cafe could be better. I believe we should also should have tutors for all subjects.


The diversity in the range of difficulity in the classroom. Some classes are extremely hard and other classes are too easy. It is hard to find a happy medium.


Schdueling. That is the hardest thing because it's a smaller school so they aren't able to offer lots of the same class at different times. Maybe they only offer it at one or two different times during the day which makes it harder because I work everyday after classes, so I have to be done by a certain time. Also it's hard because some of the classes you need they make at the same time as another class you need.


I consider the worst thing at my school to be the sheltered environment that it offers its students. Being a Christian University it holds strongly to moral beliefs (which I love) but it doesn't allow the students (much of whom were home-schooled) to experience the reality of the world. For example the one o'clock curfew and limited and supervised co-ed visiting are a little over the top and suggest that the students are not thought of as adults.