Cairn University-Langhorne Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Cairn University is that the first time I walked on campus, I felt like I was welcomed to the student body and like I could call it home.


The best thing about my school is the dual-degree program. At any other school it would take me 2 years to gain an MBA after gaining a bachelors in business administration. At Philadelphia Biblical University I am essentially gaining a masters in Business Administration within one year.


I thing that the best thing about my school is the community that the school encourages. The school encourages all of us to bond together and fellowship together with each other. This is really good because it is good to know that the school cares about the students not only performing well, but also building up friendships for the rest of our lives.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. People gather together to study, go to sporting events, go to musical recitals, or just hang out. The staff and professors constantly engage the students and there is a genuine sense of unity and care here at PBU. If you are ever in need academically, financially, emotionally, whatever it may be- there is almost always someone around willing to reach out to you or guide you to resources.


The best thing about PBU is the university is a faith based college where you can learn a lot with the time put in. you do not have to worry about the drinking, drugs, and sex at the college as much as other colleges. this allows you to get your work done, have fun with your friends, and still have a job to pay for school.


People are willing to help and they want you to succeed. The professors go out of there way on numerous occasions to help you succeed in the classroom. This is positive because many teachers and schools just want the money and do not care about the student or students.