California Baptist University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Great Christian Environment.


Cal Baptist is a safe, friendly, and positive environment that is inviting and welcoming to every student, making you feel comfortable and cared about as you pursue your educational goals.


I love this school and enjoy how faith is integrated in many of the projects and work. It's fun, loving, and the environment is great. You instantly feel like you are a part of a huge family.


This is the best school you could go to, and they make everyone feel great and special!


California Baptist University makes it an enjoyable experience for students striving for their goal to success.


California Baptist University is the perfect place to learn, grow, and figure out where you're going in life.


California Baptist University is actively concerned with your academic, spiritual, emotional, and financial life. You will come into your purpose there.


Great and friendly enviornment


Religious institution for privileged children of established and affluent parents.


California Baptist University is a home away from home and a place where I can be myself.


Very career oriented, student friendly campus, staff go out of their way to help when needed.


CBU is a great school for any student looking for more of a one on one with professors and active within the community.


California Baptist University provides all the materials and connections around campus to help me reach my goals.


California Baptist University is made up of deans, professors, amd leaders who genuinely want their students to succeed and to live their purpose.


Through academic, moral, physical and spiritual guidance, California Baptist University targets and engages students' strengths in order to help them live their God-given purpose, personalizing each and every experience towards improvement.


Very friendly and easy to adjust to


California Baptist University is a great campus school, where you can find a fun, but conservative atmosphere.


A Baptist University that focuses on a friendly community, biblical principles, academic excellence, and finding your purpose in the world.


California Baptist University is a small, expensive, academically-based private school.


The Adult Degree Program was completely workable and applicable and I highly recommend it.


Focused on God, drives me academically, healthy and safe enviroment, used to shape me into a better person.


A welcoming environment with a strong community among all students, lead by student leaders and faculty who invest and engage in students lives both academically, personally, and spiritually.


California Baptist University is a school dedicated to the success of their students. The first time I stepped into CBU I felt peace in the atmosphere. I went to many tours at different colleges but I did not feel at home or comfortable at other colleges. CBU was the only one I instantly felt I belonged. The combination at CBU of spiritual, educational and social growth is what makes CBU unique. Doing so it gives their students the chance to find their purpose in an enviroment that encourages their students not to be afraid to be themselves.


It is a great school that opens many doors for its students, however it is a little pricey.


Cal Baptist is a very interactive school whose goals seem to be set on making friends for life and getting your career started.


CBU is a fun lerning invronment, and they really want you to get the most out of yourtime here (plus the other students are great).


A community of of faculty and students who strive to do their best in life, not just at school.


CBU is a desirable, Christian school, with amazing professors, and a place where you feel at home.


I feel like im in middle school with all the rules, i have stricter rules at school than i do at home.


Our school cares about all the students.


My school is a Baptist Univerisity open to most people, it seems a though anyone can get in and they really want to enlarge the student body, it is very friendly however.


A university committed to the Great Commission.


California Baptist University is a welcoming school full of fun and energy. The students have great enthusiasm for the sporting events and athletes. It is a school seen as a community where everyone is loving, caring, and keep a positive attitude. Finding great people as life-ling friends is an easy search at CBU. With providing great classes, professors, friends, and chapels, it is a great place for Christians to grow in the spiritual walk.


Glorifying God through the daily lives of the individuals